STAR WARS SUBCULTURE: Watch this 10 minute video clip on Star Wars Fans ( Not formal essay, you don’t need intro body and conclusion. Simply answer question. Answer the following questions (should be 250+ words):

  • What specific American values are the fans threatening and how?
  • What are several ways that the fans receive negative sanctions for their non-conformity?
  • How are these negative sanctions promoting social conformity?

lab report

The fans and the humiliation they are subjected to are a good demonstration of how powerful cultural norms can be in controlling behavior. In this video, we can see how deviation from mainstream behaviors often results in social rejection.

  • How do negative sanctions keep you conforming to cultural norms?
  • Are there activities, goals, interests you do not pursue for threat of being judged harshly?
  • Overall, why is it important that most/all people of a society follow a set of rules and expectations of behavior (norms)?
  • How can this be limiting to a person’s potential?

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October 30, 2020

Movie Production Proposal: Mama Ayahuasca to Millennial

COVID-19 has reminded humanity about the atrocities of human nature and the hostility of the Universe, which we are part (Stephens et al.). The movie starts in our reality during a podcast filming session, a conversation between two retired National Basketball Association (NBA) players. Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman discuss the most common topics among basketball fans about the pursuit of stardom through sport and the role of their ego. It then transitions to a conversation between them and the mythical Mother Ayahuasca concerning our planet’s state of affairs. The movie uses what seems unrealistic for us to explain our reality. The connection between the two worlds occurs when the two drinks a portion of Ayahuasca, an ancient medicine used by people indigenous to the Amazon, and it has become popular among celebrities in sports, acting, and comedy. The movie is about their adventure with Mother Ayahuasca, who summoned them to her Palace on the surface of UY Scuti, a star that is 9,500 light-years away.


Mama Ayahuasca to Millennial: a trip to a dimension, which is a reality. Superstars of our age, Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman, meet the greats of the Universe, and our demise is drawing nigh.

Screenplay Structure

The Set-Up

The movie starts in the middle of one of the most anticipated podcast conversation within the sports arena, where Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman are discussing how self-discipline affected the trajectory of their career, with Dennis Rodman yelling, “Michael if I had your discipline I would have been bigger of a legend.” Michael Jordan gives him a contemptuous look with his squinty behind a cloud of cigar smoke. He then asserts, “Listen, there will never be another Michael Jordan. Moreover, that is the reality as it is.” The presence of the two legendaries in a studio having a long-form discussion is very intriguing to the view. The two are real human beings who have achieved goals that can be deemed unrealistic to regular folk. This helps the audience realize that reality as we perceive it can easily get distorted from being viewed from a different perspective. It opens up their minds to the possibilities of life and the way they happen. The two then take a portion of Ayahuasca each, which aids their trip and Mother Ayahuasca, the goddess of UY Scuti.

The Conflict

The movie is fictitious films that play around with various facts in reality as perceived by humankind. It then transitions into an extragalactic firm when a beautiful multicolored female figure ushers Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman into an alien spacecraft for an extragalactic tour around the Universe, but they eventually return to the Milky Way Galaxy and land on the surface of UY Scuti. They seem very conflicted by how much advancement of technology there is outside the solar system. Mother Ayahuasca sees the smirk on Michael Jordan’s face turn into embarrassment as he sees the beauty and Majesty of the UY Scuti and says, “Yeah, your right. You guys are at the bottom of the food chain.” She ushers them into a palace and gives them a replay of the formation of the Universe with a focus on planet Earth. They saw the ways that UY Scuti to shape the destiny of humankind on planet earth. She confirms that planet Earth is a controlled experiment carried by her kingdom, and the various times they have used comets to destroy civilizations on the planet and started afresh.


Along with the audience, Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman discover that humankind and biological life on planet earth is just animal models for the UY Scuti biological experiment’s failings. It is learned that upon the failure of human life in physical form, the kingdom was planning to destroy it, after which humankind will exist in cyborg form. The biological body had divided humankind by inspiring discrimination based on gender, age, race, and physical size. By uploading the human consciousness into a device with a sizable bandwidth to the internet connection will increase the level of intelligence of the human race. The audience at the end realizes that this is a story of a motherly creature scolding humanity for misogyny and other forms of discrimination.


For the movie’s message’s effective delivery, two leading male characters must be played by famous and masculine means with diverse personalities varying points of view. Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan are a perfect fit for the actor’s profile needed to play these characters due to their strong personality, which is essential for persuasive acting (Soedjarwo & Gabriella Novianty). The two characters will, therefore, be played by themselves. Charlize Theron will play mama Atahuasca’s character, on the other hand. Other than the three main characters will be human and alien creatures with no gender, which will help push forward the conversation of gender being nothing but a social contract (Hamidi et al.).

Target Audience

The film attracts a vast range of audiences from scholars, sports fans, and young people at large. It will be exciting due to the broadened imagination from the usual alien movies, which seems more realistic. It will therefore be enjoyable to both regulars and cinema enthusiasts. Even though it pushes the progressive ideology of inclusion and equality, conservatives will be favorable.

Film Budget

The film will cost $300 million to maintain the Star Wars standards and have a high profile cast with Charlize Theron, Dennis Rodman, and Michael Jordan (Guynes et al.)

lab report

Work Cited

Guynes, Sean A., and Dan Hassler-Forest. Star Wars and the history of transmedia storytelling. Amsterdam University Press, 2017.

Hamidi, Foad, Morgan Klaus Scheuerman, and Stacy M. Branham. “Gender recognition or gender reductionism? The social implications of embedded gender recognition systems.” Proceedings of the 2018 chi conference on human factors in computing systems. 2018.

Soedjarwo, Gabriella Novianty. “Persuasion Act in the Proposal Movie.” Journal of Pragmatics Research 2.1 (2020): 50-67.

Stephens, Keri K., et al. “Collective sensemaking around COVID-19: Experiences, concerns, and agendas for our rapidly changing organizational lives.” Management Communication Quarterly 34.3 (2020): 426-457.

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