200 Simple Application Essay Topics

Application Essay Topic

A college application essay is only as good as the essay topic. The application essay topic you choose should reveal your personality to the reader.

Whether you are brainstorming ideas for your statement or topics for your college application essay, you know that your essay needs to be outstanding. The application essay is an opportunity for the admission officers to get to know you and you should give it your best shot. A critical element in writing your application essay is the choice of your application essay topic. Here are some of the important elements in choosing a college essay topic:

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How Do You Start an Application Essay?

The introduction of an essay sets the tone for the essay. Therefore, when choosing your essay topic, pay attention to the introduction of your essay. Here are a few ways to start your application essay topic:

Take the Reader’s View

Admission officers will be going through hundreds of essays, and you want yours to stand out. Therefore, imagine being the reader and asking yourself if the opening line invites you to read the entire essay. If the opening paragraph does not intrigue you, you should take another angle.

Paint a Picture in the Reader’s Mind

Human beings relate better to images than words. Therefore, you should paint a picture in the mind of your reader instead of telling them what you did. You can do this by telling a story after the opening line.

Create Mystery

Human beings are more attracted to drama. Opening lines that create mystery capture the attention of the reader. A reader anticipates the angle that the essay will follow, and will read through the entire essay. Ensure that you solve the mystery in your essay, so you do not frustrate your readers.

Application Essay Topic

Topics You Should not Write about in Your Application Essay

Every college applicant needs to write a college application essay. While you may have similar academic qualifications to other applicants, you can distinguish yourself by presenting an exceptional application essay. Your essay will be unique if you choose one of the application essay topics that stand out. Here are some of the topics that you should not write about:


Some students think that writing an essay about an application essay topic that has never been heard of is the key to getting your essay right. That often results in students coming up with stories and writing essays about them. It is important to know that admission officers can tell when a story is a lie. Besides the lie giving a bad image of your morals, you deny the admission officers the chance to know you, which is the purpose of the essay.

Risky Subjects

It is good to take a risk with your application essay topic, but you ought to be careful. You may create a good essay on a topic such as a drug use, arrest, and sexual experiences. Such subjects, though, could portray a negative image to the admission officers. Write your essay on a neutral topic to avoid getting a judgment from the reader.

Application Essay Topics on Other People

The purpose of the essay is for the admission officers to know you and not another person. ‘My hero” essays focus on other people instead of you and will get you disqualified. If you have to mention another person in your essay, do not give information about them. Instead, show the reader how the other person influenced your life.

Controversial Application Essay Topic

It is okay to have strong beliefs and to stand for what you believe in. However, you should avoid this angle when writing your essay. Topics such as politics, religion, and abortion always stir hot-button debates among people and easily offend others. Therefore, steer clear of these application essay topics.

Sample Application Essay Topic List

Persuasive Application Essay Topics

  1. Is college education a necessity in the modern age?
  2. Should the voting age be increased?
  3. Is sex education in schools necessary?
  4. Cyberbullying is an issue in colleges
  5. Students should wear clothing of their choice to school
  6. The benefits of availing free condoms to students
  7. Are student loans good or bad?
  8. A gap year in college: Is it a good idea?
  9. Student accommodation should be free
  10.  Standardized examinations in college should be banned
  11. Do relationships in college affect students’ performance?
  12. College programs are irrelevant in the present day

Persuasive Application Essay Topics on Music

  1. Music is an effective cure for Psychological problems
  2. Music affects the human brain positively
  3. Music improves academic performance in college students
  4. Music in the present day is purely for commercial purposes
  5. Classical music enhances the mood of expectant mothers
  6. Soothing music is present in nature

Persuasive Application Essay Topic on Immigration

  1. Illegal immigration is common in rich countries
  2. Illegal immigration police officers should be strict
  3. Border security prevents illegal immigration
  4. Poverty is the main cause of illegal immigration
  5. Illegal immigration is a big contributor to terrorism
  6. High immigration costs are the reason for illegal immigration
  7. Illegal immigration promotes prostitution

Persuasive Application Essay Topic on Medicine

  1. Healthcare services should be free
  2. Is Coronavirus dangerous as the media portrays it?
  3. Alternative medicine options: The advantages and disadvantages
  4. Nanotechnology is helpful in cancer treatment
  5. It is possible to find a cure for AIDS
  6. The effects of a concussion

Persuasive Application Essay Topic on Sports

  1. College athletes deserve payment
  2. Girls’ participation in sports is less than that of boys
  3. Girls need to be encouraged to participate more in sports
  4. Athletes suffer from eating disorders
  5. Sports are good for the body and mind
  6. Some sports cause violent behaviors
  7. Colleges should emphasize physical education
  8. Sports injuries are a common cause of mental health issues

Persuasive Application Essay Topics on Art

  1. Is art necessary?
  2. Art therapy is effective for treating mental health issues
  3. The role of art in the development of a country
  4. The purpose of art
  5. Art classes should be compulsory in schools
  6. Digital art is not as authentic as regular art
  7. Students who participate in arts have better academic performance

Persuasive Application Essay Topics on the Environment

  1. Environmental laws promote human encroachment
  2. Why countries should invest in environmental conversation
  3. The extent of global warming in the world
  4. The effects of global warming
  5. Developed countries are a major cause of global warming
  6. Overpopulation in cities is the cause of pollution in cities
  7. Farming methods should be adjusted to stop the degradation of the environment
  8. Industrialization plays a big role in water and air pollution

Argumentative Application Essay Topics

Social Application Essay Topics

  1. Ways to handle naughty students
  2. Is age a factor in relationships?
  3. Does the price of condoms influence teen pregnancies?
  4. What is the right parenting method?
  5. Do male employees deserve paternity leave?
  6. What are ways to punish teenagers as a parent?

Argumentative Application Essay Topics on Health

  1. Is it the government’s responsibility to provide healthcare?
  2. Supplements that are useful in cancer treatment
  3. Self-treatment versus going to the hospital
  4. Do curfews help students stay out of trouble?
  5. Do digital devices cause cancer?
  6. Health risks due to fast foods
  7. How much water should you drink daily?

Argumentative Application Essay Topics on Education

  1. Is homeschooling effective?
  2. Homeschooling versus traditional schooling
  3. Is the cost of college education high?
  4. What are irresponsible behaviors in school?
  5. The educational system in the country

Application Essay Topic

Argumentative Application Essay Topics on Sports

  1. How dangerous are video games?
  2. Does sports participation promote better behavior in students?
  3. Is sports competition a good way to measure student competence?
  4. Is it possible to stop cheating in sports?
  5. What are the legal alternatives to steroids?
  6. The effect of cheerleading in games
  7. Which sports are for wealthy individuals?
  8. What are the dangerous sports activities?

Argumentative Application Essay Topics on Technology

  1. Are cell phones harmful?
  2. How fair are online lotteries?
  3. The change in human behavior due to the technological explosion
  4. Do we need cell phones?
  5. What will the technological sense look like in the next decade?
  6. Do teenagers over-rely on technology?
  7. Can organizations use chips to control their employees?

Argumentative Application Essay Topics on Social Media

  1. Factors of modifying consumer behavior
  2. Who should ask the other out first? Girls or boys?
  3. Which is the most famous social media platform?
  4. Are you responsible for what you post on social media?
  5. Which social media platform matches twitter?
  6. Can one find a job through a LinkedIn profile?
  7. How much money can one make on YouTube?
  8. Are online activists shy in person?
  9. Should a government regulate social media use?

Argumentative Application Essay Topics for College

  1. What changes can be applied to the taxation system?
  2. Are CEOs paid too much?
  3. Is the process of college admission too vigorous?
  4. Are test scores the right way to rate the competence of a student?
  5. Gender roles in military service
  6. What is the cause of high teenage pregnancies?
  7. What happens when one dies?
  8. Are left-handed musicians more gifted than right-handed musicians?

Creative Application Essay Topics

  1. Why cannabis should be legal
  2. Living in the countryside is better than life in the city
  3. At what age should one leave their parents?
  4. Is global cooling possible on earth?
  5. Is Mars truly habitable by humans?
  6. Why euthanasia should be considered
  7. Why U.S. and China superpowers should build ties?
  8. Why are there minimal natural disasters in Africa?
  9. The phenomena: Brain drain and brain gain
  10. The effects of climate change
  11. The balance between workload and domestic life
  12. Benefits of promoting green energy
  13. Why we should switch to electric cars
  14. Is A.I. a ticking time bomb?
  15. The abuse of plastic surgeries and creams
  16. What is the minimum wage for workers?
  17. Why teachers should be graded
  18. Are sportsmen paid too much?
  19. Why registering firearms is not a good idea
  20. Homosexuality and Gayism in the military service
  21. The change in family structure over the years
  22. The role that communication plays in social networks
  23. Why students should not pay admission fees
  24. Who is the best president of all time?
  25. Why cell phones should be illegal in classrooms?
  26. The importance of homeschooling
  27. How the government can influence the quality of high education
  28. How to empower girls to be successful women
  29. What are the benefits of a vegetarian diet?
  30. The contribution of education to social equality
  31. Revolution of electronic books
  32. The impact of globalization on art expansion
  33. Internet abuse and its effect on teenagers
  34. The effect of violence in video games on teenagers
  35. The effect of animal fat on human health
  36. The problem of obesity in our generation
  37. Does the death penalty solve problems in society?
  38. The effect of fast food on human health
  39. Social inequality
  40. The role of technology in modern education
  41. What causes bullying among students?
  42. What causes feminism?
  43. Racism in the world: Causes and effects
  44. Why sports activities should be mandatory in schools
  45. What is the best time to do an assignment?
  46. Which Disney character would you be?
  47. Does the violence on T.V. affect children?
  48. The most influential leader in the world
  49. A book that is a must-read for all
  50. The most beautiful place to visit

Informative Application Essay Topics

Funny Informative Application Essay Topics

  1. Ridiculous sports in the world
  2. How to make a video that will trend
  3. The best excuses for missing lessons
  4. Why smoking cannabis improves your concentration
  5. Ways to fail a good deal

Informative Application Essay Topics on Process Analysis

  1. How a smartphone works
  2. How corporations sell their products
  3. How killers get away with a crime
  4. How to launch a business campaign
  5. How to raise a dog properly

Easy, Informative Application Essay Topics for Grade Students

  1. A guide to a proper diet
  2. Ways to quit smoking
  3. How teens engage in addictive behavior
  4. What led to the start of World war 2
  5. Gun control debate in the U.S.

Informative Application Essay Topics on Arts, Communication, and Media Studies

  1. The origin of hip-hop culture
  2. Neo-classicism era in Italy
  3. The influence of Facebook on modern communication
  4. The British invasion
  5. The meme ban and its impact
  6. How outcasts turn to rockstars

Informative Application Essay Topics on the Environment

  1. How to curb soil erosion
  2. The effect of poaching on wildlife
  3. How to cleanse the air from pollution
  4. Animals that are under threat of getting extinct
  5. What starts and causes the spread of forest fires?
  6. Post-global warming predictions

Informative Application Essay Topics on Medicine

  1. Consequences of plastic surgery
  2. How viruses infect human beings
  3. Evolution of nanotechnology in medicine
  4. Why do human beings need minerals
  5. The cause of weight-related health issues
  6. Exercises to help you stay in good shape
  7. Using nanobots in treating diseases
  8. The importance of vitamin C in the human body

Informative Application Essay Topics on History

  1. How world war 1 led to world war 2
  2. The effects of Spanish colonization
  3. History of women’s rights
  4. The functioning of the U.S. government
  5. The effect of racism on the crime situation
  6. What is socialism and how does a centralized system work
  7. Greatest thinkers in politics

Informative Application Essay Topics on Sports

  1. The history of football
  2. Why the Super Bowl is a big deal
  3. The consequences of doping in sports
  4. Sports betting: Is it beneficial?
  5. The benefit of daily exercise
  6. Why cybersports should be considered sports
  7. Unnamed heroes in sports
  8. Why chess is a sport like any other

Application Essay Topic

The application essay is not the only factor that will grant you admission spot in a college. However, writing an essay on the wrong application essay topic will minimize your chances of getting admission. If you have a hard time choosing a unique essay topic for your college application essay, you could want to check out for college application essay samples and topic ideas. You can also see for essay writing topics and guidelines in English. It does not matter if English is not your first language; you can always get your English essay topics for college students in pdf and get admission to your college of choice.

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