Benchmark Wellness Unit Essay Examples

Benchmark Wellness Unit Essay Example

Benchmark Wellness Unit Essay Example: Part 1

Wellness Unit Mini-Lessons In preparation for the end of unit event for students and families, review feedback received from your instructor regarding the health and nutrition and safety mini-lessons. Revise each lesson based on the feedback received, making sure that each is developmentally appropriate and addresses the multiple influences on early development and learning depicted within the Class Profile. In addition, design a fitness mini-lesson appropriate for the Class Profile kindergarten students. Lesson topics may include, but are not limited to:

Healthy Lifestyle Muscle Strength Being Active

For this mini-lesson, complete the Planning section of the COE Lesson Plan Template. Make sure that each lesson is developmentally appropriate and addresses the multiple influences on early development and learning. In addition, research one community organization, agency, or resource appropriate for families and colleagues that is related to fitness to use in Part 3 of this Benchmark Wellness Unit Essay assignment. In a separate 250-500 word summary, rationalize instructional decisions for each wellness lesson, making sure to include how decisions directly support the development and learning of the Class Profile kindergarten students, citing Class Profile data.

Benchmark Wellness Unit Essay Example: Part 2

End of Unit Wellness Event Using your completed mini-lessons, design an end of unit interactive family event for your kindergarten Class Profile students. Design an outline to navigate families through this opportunity to learn about wellness. Include the following in your outline: Welcome statement Event agenda with timelines:

Benchmark Wellness Opening Activity

This activity explores the purpose of the wellness event with the community and promotes shared values and expectations in creating a healthy, respectful, and challenging learning environment. Be sure to include this activity within the event agenda.

Benchmark Wellness Activities

Descriptions of each wellness event activity in the rotation, including activity purpose. Be sure to incorporate your mini-lesson activities.

Benchmark Wellness Closing Activity

This activity explores strategies and opportunities to ensure future collaboration with families while pursuing the well-being of students in the areas of health, nutrition, safety, and fitness. Be sure to include this activity within the event agenda.

Benchmark Wellness Unit Essay Example: Part 3

Community Resource Create a digital resource for families, community members, and colleagues that features the previously researched community organizations, agencies, and resources. The resource may be in the form of, but not limited to, an infographic, brochure, public service announcement video, digital comic book, podcast, digital short, time-lapse video, photo essay, blog, wiki, webpage, or flyer. Your digital resource should include information on the following: Typical and atypical development Health and safety issues Nutritional food and guidelines Physical activity and fitness  BS Early Childhood Special Education

Benchmark Wellness Unit Essay Example

  • Collaborate with students and colleagues to develop shared values and expectations to create healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging learning environments for young children. [CEC 7.3; NAEYC 1c; InTASC 3(c), 3(f)]
  • Collaborate with students, colleagues, families, and the larger community to plan for children’s development and learning using data-based information. [CEC 7.1; NAEYC 2c; InTASC 1(a), 1(c), 2(f)]
  • Collaborate with students, peers, families, and community members using digital tools and resources to support student success and innovation. [CEC 7.2; NAEYC 2c, 6c; InTASC 9(d), 10(d), 10(e), 10(g), 10(k); ISTE-T 3b]
  • Use collaboration to promote the well-being of individuals with exceptionalities across a wide range of settings and collaborators. [CEC 7.3; NAEYC 2c, 6c; InTASC 10(j)]

Wellness Essay Example Gerontological Nursing

This study was about a 79 years old family friend who gives credit for his long life to a healthy diet, exercise, and reasonable care of his mental health. However, he was diagnosed five years ago and required the health of family members to manage it. A holistic approach to wellness would involve maintaining a good diet, physical exercise, maintaining good social connections, and being mentally stimulated (Nimrod, 2020).

This method aims to enhance longevity by integrating healthy living in everyday life and being independent even at old age. The participant got a fair score of 17 in the Barthel Index of Activities of Daily Living, meaning that he can carry on with his daily activities like dressing, toilet use, and bathing independently (Smith & Molzer, 2020).

This plays a crucial role in maintaining his dignity and consequently his mental health. A key hindrance to the participant’s well-being is physical, and diabetes; his joints are stiffening, which is solved by ensuring that he gets regular exercise and gets anti-inflammatory medication.

The participant’s diabetes is severely affecting his eyesight due to his loss of near vision, something that can be solved by treating his diabetes, providing him with optical aid, and solving his balancing problems as he was something that can help in resolving his vision problem (Miller, 2018).

A fundamental threat to the participants’ overall wellness is poor healthcare facilities within his neighborhood that should be solved to enhance the community’s wellness at large. Therefore, the government should invest in the poor communities to ensure that they have adequate health facilities that enhance healthy living for the elderly and other members. A sound support system involves the older adult, the healthcare system, and their family ans society.

Benchmark Wellness Unit Essay Example

Benchmark Wellness Unit Essay Example: References

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