International Trade

A minimum of five pages that includes the following sections A brief introduction or historical overview of international business and trade (60 points) What’s international business and trade? How and why did it start and evolve until the present time? A current and future outlook for international business and trade, including critical issues, opportunities, and threats (120 points).  Include information on a minimum of five from the following list: Legal concepts affecting individuals and/or organizations involved in international business and trade International treaties Different legal regimes International Dispute Resolution Processes Legal jurisdictions Government structures as they relate to international commerce International social issues affecting businesses and their operations Global transportation systems and potential threat to cargos Technologies used for industrial and border security Issues associated with international purchasing and global servicing efforts Role of contract law, antitrust laws, and regulations on issues related to purchasing and global outsourcing Global information systems regulations Global information resources management and issues Strategic global systems Knowledge and skills necessary for successful management of information security in international/global organizations Basic concepts, principles and techniques in leading cultural diversity in the global marketplace Potential ethical and competitive advantage from leading and managing diversity in the global market place Core aspects of international management practices Demands and opportunities of an evolving and dynamic international business environment  This section is very important because one of the issues, opportunities, or threats included in this report will be discussed and expanded in Part 2.   The sources that can be used for Part 1 of the Report must include: A minimum of 4 referenced articles (2010-2016) in peer-reviewed journals from the SCF Virtual Library Databases (60 points) Use of APA Style will be strictly enforced (60 points)

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