Strategic Management and Business Policy

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Strategic Management and Business Policy: Toward Global Sustainability. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Synthesis 12 A. Alternative Solutions 13 i. Innovation 13 ii. Outsourcing 14 iii. Organizational Structure 14 B. Recommendations 15 References 17 Church & Dwight Company 1.0 Introduction A. Executive Summary i. Summary of statement of the problem Church & Dwight firm over the time has its operation costs relating to transportation increasing threatening the profitability of the company. In addition, the company has several similar brands of products acquired from the acquired firms that do not add up to the range of products offered by the company, but end up confusing customers in supermarkets. The company concentrates more on acquisition and does not put much emphasis in developing new customer products, a part form the specialty products. ii. Summary statement of recommended solution Church & Dwight would be required to outsource some of its operations to reduce its operating costs and its employee base, as the company expands. In addition, the company has to incorporate innovation of consumer products to increase the range of its products and come up with more competitive products to compete with other giants such as P &G. expansion of the firm calls for a flatter and up-to date organizational structures, such as cellular structure to empower employees and reduce the burden on management, leading to improved performance. B. The Situation Church & Dwight was the major supply of sodium bicarbonate in the global market. In addition the company had a handful of other consumer goods in the Canadian and U.S markets. However, until one decade ago, Church & Dwight was not known to the consumer though most of them used their products. This was changed in the late 1990s after the company launched a plan to aggressively make an impact in the global market. This led to a reorganization of the company directors and other managers, followed by a series of acquisitions of companies with leading brands in consumer brands. These aggressive acquisitions led the company to other markets across the globe, and ensured the company had major leading brands in consumer brands to take on major consumer goods producers such as Proctor and Gamble among others. These acquisitions increased the company’s turnover from less than a billion dollars, to more than 2.5 billion dollars in a very short time. Church & Dwight strategy in venturing in the competitive market involved acquisitions and cost cutting that led to one of the highest turnover per employee among the major competing companies. Apart from several consumer products, the company had a series of specialty products involving sodium bicarbonate products. These sodium based products ranged from paints, cleaning agents, products to be used in electronic industries, among others. Expansion of both consumer and spatiality products in the international market ensured the company great success in the international market. A huge chunk of the company’s turnover was sourced from the international market. However, the company had to deal with increased transportation costs and increasing size that offered more challenges in managing operations. This led the company to dispose some of its assets in several markets, in addition to consolidation of operations in single factories, an example of the large factory that was constructed in Wyoming, Ohio (Cook, 2010). II. Analysis i. Management Management in Church & Dwight Company portrayed a strong and directional management that had been able to steer the company to greater heights over a short time.

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