Why I Deserve This Scholarship Essay Example 2023

Why I Deserve This Scholarship Essay

An essay on ‘why I deserve this scholarship’ should list your accomplishments and show how the scholarship will help you accomplish future goals.

Have you made your college application and successfully secured a spot in college? Or are you waiting for the response from the college admission team? If yes, you can begin hunting for scholarship opportunities. Winning a scholarship award means that the scholarship donor will pay for some or all of the student’s expenses while in school.

That will mean that the student can avoid taking out a student loan which contributes to a large percentage of debt among young people. One of the requirements of applying for a scholarship opportunity is to include a why I deserve this scholarship essay in the scholarship application. 

why i deserve this scholarship essay

The main goal of a ‘why I deserve this scholarship’ essay is to set apart college applicants when they have equitable qualifications. Writing a ‘why I deserve this scholarship’ essay may seem like a walk in the park but is not. Why you ask? You need to set yourself apart from other applicants.

Format of a ‘Why I Deserve this Scholarship’ Essay

Like other essays, ‘why did I deserve this scholarship’ essays have instructions that students need to adhere to. The instructions are in the essay format, word count, font, line spacing, and use of headings. The purpose of scholarship essay guidelines is to ensure that all the applicants are competing on a fairground. The guidelines also test the willingness of a student to follow the rules and guidelines. Failure to follow the scholarship essay format guidelines lead to immediate disqualification. Therefore, one should follow the guidelines even when they are not in line with personal format preferences.

Standard ‘Why I Deserve this Scholarship Essay’ Format

In the event that there are no detailed formatting instructions, a student should follow a standard format for a scholarship essay. The standard format for a scholarship essay is as follows; the essay should have a minimum of three paragraphs and a maximum of five paragraphs. The first paragraph should cover the introduction, which includes a thesis statement. The last paragraph should be concluding paragraph and should reiterate the thesis statement. The middle paragraphs should cover the body of the essay and should contain the entire content. It is advisable to cover one point in one paragraph and to arrange the ideas in the body logically.

Essay Clichés to Avoid in Your Scholarship Essay

Besides knowing what you should include in your scholarship essay, it is equally important to know what you should not write in your scholarship essay. Here are essay clichés that you should steer away from: 

Transition to Adulthood

Many students consider their transition to adulthood a major aspect of their life that they want to include it in their scholarship essay. They may want to write about the tradition they underwent to celebrate adulthood, such as a coming-of-age party. However, while such events may be meaningful, they may not create a good impression to the reader. Becoming an adult is more than getting to a certain day on the calendar, and involves the change of mindset.

Failures that are Part of Life

There are some failures that may have a notable impact on one. Failing an exam test or not making the cut for the school team is not ideal for a scholarship essay. If you have to write your essay about failure, you need to express vulnerability, openness, and detail. Also, you need to show how that event affected your life.

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer work is commendable but will not make an essay stand out from the rest. Students undertake volunteer programs that give them a chance to learn something while helping others. Most of the essays on volunteer experiences are almost similar, and that will not make your essay stand out. A student can write about an event that happened in the course of their volunteer program. The event needs to have created an impact on the student and should allow the reader to connect with the writer.

why i deserve this scholarship essay

Why I Deserve this Scholarship Essay

A student may write their scholarship essay on different topics so long as they make their essay stand out and convince the organization that they need the scholarship. One of the topics that a student can write on and get the scholarship essay right is ‘why I deserve this scholarship essay’. This ‘why I deserve this scholarship’ essay requires a student to sell themselves to the organization. However, one needs to balance the tone in their writing, so they do not appear arrogant. Here is how to start a ‘why I deserve this scholarship’ essay: 

The Right Attitude

Some students may be afraid of writing about their achievements with the fear of appearing proud. However, you should know that your life experiences are valuable, your accomplishments are noteworthy, and your perspective on life is unique. It would be best if you thought about any obstacle you have overcome in life and showcase why you deserve the scholarship. The accomplishments do not have to be academic, so any significant event makes the cut.

Have the Audience in Mind

It is critical to put your audience in mind when writing this easy. In this case, the source of the question’ why do you deserve this scholarship?’ is the scholarship committee. This team will be going through multiple essays and choosing who wins the scholarship. Therefore, you need to establish a connection with the committee members. With the target audience in mind, you can select the achievements that you will include in your scholarship essay. The achievements should align with the goals and values of the organization.

You can find more information about an organization by checking the ‘about us’ section of the organization’s website. Also, in the scholarship essay guidelines, pay close attention to the traits that the organization has put emphasis on.

Consider the Future

The scholarship committee is concerned with your future just as they are concerned with your past and present. After discussing your accomplishments, you can go ahead and describe your goals and plans for the future. You should show how the scholarship opportunity will help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

A scholarship opportunity may give a student the relevant experience or knowledge to excel in their particular field. Usually, a scholarship is an investment to the beneficiary from the organization. When the scholarship opportunity benefits other people together with the beneficiary, the better it is. An applicant should show that the scholarship opportunity will benefit other people as well.

why i deserve this scholarship essay

How to Start a Scholarship Essay?

A good way to start your essay is to open the discussion with a thesis statement that will capture the attention of the reader and ignite the need to read further. Give the committee your version of the evaluation criteria they provided in the outline. The opening should also contain a summary of your essay. After capturing their attention, you can focus on yourself and your achievements.

Show them Why You Deserve the Scholarship

You will be talking about yourself in the essay and why the scholarship opportunity should be awarded to you and not another person. You should show that you are the best candidate for the scholarship. You can approach this by listing your traits, but that’s a general approach. Instead, describe the different things you have managed to accomplish and the role they have played in molding you. For instance, if the scholarship donor is community-oriented, you should show your involvement in community activities. If the organization deals with green technology, you should reveal events that show your passion for environment conservation.

When expressing your accomplishments, show the connection with the scholarship award that you are aiming. It is advisable that you first list down all your accomplishments and select the ones that are connected to the scholarship award at hand. Having an outline will help you stay in track in what you are writing about and also see that you cover every important detail.

Show Why the Scholarship Matters

Besides letting the committee know about yourself, you should show them why the scholarship award is of utmost significance to you. In this, you need to carefully evaluate what the organization is looking to achieve by awarding the scholarship. Then establish the relation between what the organization wants to achieve and the benefit you would get from the scholarship opportunity.

Wrap It Up

When ending your scholarship essay, give a summary of the points you stated in the body. Relate the ideas to the topic to get a solid conclusion. Lastly, thank the organization for considering you as a candidate.

Review Your Essay

Just as you review other essays before submitting, a scholarship essay is no exception. It is important that you read your essay over and again to see that you have included everything you wanted to include in your essay. You also get the opportunity to eliminate any errors in the flow of ideas, spelling errors, typographical errors, and punctuation mistakes. You can as well give another person to read it on your behalf. You would be surprised at the errors that a second eye can spot and you can’t.

Why I Deserve This Scholarship

Why I Deserve This Scholarship Essay Example

Imagine that are waiting to be admitted to nursing school, and you are applying for a scholarship. In the scholarship application, you are required to write a 250-word essay on why I deserve a scholarship. Here is a sample of an essay that you would submit to win a scholarship:

One of the major concerns around the globe is the significance of providing quality and affordable healthcare. Many people focus on the role that health insurance plays in providing quality healthcare. However, I strongly believe that the answer to this is access to quality healthcare service providers. Nurses are often ignored in the role they play in the medical profession. With the scholarship to study nursing, I could obtain my training to become a nurse and provide quality medical services to communities.

I grew up in a small town [name your town], and the closes health facility was one hour away. There was only one doctor in the facility who charged exorbitantly for his services. Whenever any of my family members would fall ill, we would depend on home remedies. In some cases, the home remedies helped with the ailments and failed in some. It is at this point that I gained a passion for medicine.

I was not concerned with minimal care until a time my younger sister was taken to the hospital in a critical condition suffering from acute gastritis, a treatable condition. However, since she had been treated using home remedies, the disease was extreme. Although she finally recovered, the treatment took a toll on our family. If she had been treated early enough, the condition would not have been so severe.

When making my college application, I was certain that I wanted to help other people like my sister. I chose to study nursing so I could apply my healthcare skills to benefit people living in rural communities. In these communities, hospitals are scarce, and healthcare workers few. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship opportunity that will prove useful in advancing my nursing education.

Is the You Deserve It Scholarship Legit?

The ‘You Deserve It’ scholarship is legit. You do not need to pay for anything when applying for scholarships. You can obtain numerous scholarships and get the links without paying a dime.

A commonly asked question on Reddit is how to write a why do you deserve this scholarship and request for scholarship essay examples about yourself. When asked the question ‘why do you deserve this scholarship?’, the answer may seem simple and straightforward. However, putting your answer to this question in writing concisely and within the task, specifications can be quite a task.

The answer to the question ‘why I deserve this scholarship’ not only requires you to show that you deserve the scholarship. It requires you to show why you should get the scholarship award should go to you and not any other applicant. This question can leave you with self-doubt. However, it is possible to write an award-winning scholarship essay with the right guidelines and help.

why i deserve this scholarship essay

Ukessays has helped many clients who are why I deserve this scholarship essay winners. That is because the team at takes time to understand the time to understand the applicant and the scholarship donor before writing the essay. That helps the writing team to deliver a scholarship application essay that is unique to the applicant. Not to mention that the essay will be top-notch, and the delivery of the essay will be on time. You can also find why I deserve this scholarship essay examples for students in financial need and scholarship essay template on to get a glimpse of what you will get.

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