What is Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Example

What is Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Example

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation as a Law Enforcement Activity

What is drug and alcohol evaluation? Drug and alcohol evaluation is a law enforcement activity that facilitates the identification of individuals who know what is drug and alcohol evaluation. It is a training process for the twelve-step drug recognition examination process. A drug recognition expert is a police officer who facilitates whether a drive is impaired by alcohol or drug use. This is a Standardized field sobriety test (SFST) that helps facilitate public safety on the roads.

What is Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

This is the main subject in the Marshalltown Community Television (2017), which takes the subject’s body temperature. The first subject’s name is Denis, who was previously arrested for over-speeding in Iowa. The role of the program is to reduce the number of driving crashes caused by drugs. A substance abuse officer, Philip, explains that he helps treat the people who have been arrested for drug abuse.

At first, it was quite surprising that the client knows what is drug and alcohol evaluation without being arrested for drug abuse. They may have, however, have had a history of drug abuse. Their breath alcohol test was zero; thus, they may not have been under the influence of alcohol and was taken before the evaluation. The subject is asked to hydrate something that facilitates the collection of a urine sample by the end of the evaluation process. The training officer explains that this ought to be determined throughout the drug recognition process.

Breath Alcohol Test

Therefore, the breath alcohol test is the first step of knowing what is drug and alcohol evaluation process. This was according to the report of the arresting officer. On the day of the drug recognition evaluation, the subject had taken (Marshalltown Community Television, 2017). They had eaten peanut butter and roman noodles in addition to drinking water and a quarter gallon of milk. However, they had not urinated. He is also on prescription medication for other conditions like the numbness on his legs. The drug recognition officer goes ahead and first pulse and preliminary evaluation.

The subject often becomes anxious during the one-leg test, which gives them time to calm down. They can focus on the subject’s coordination, face, breath, speech, and attitude. This is one of the field evaluation tests in addition to the finger-to-nose test. He was also given a divided attention psychophysical test that facilitates the determination of sobriety.

Modified Romberg Balance Test

The Modified Romberg Balance test facilitates the determination of the dissociative effect being aware of what is drug and alcohol evaluation. This is measured by the disparity between the subject’s internal clock and perception of time and the real passage of time. The subject’s vital signs, such as blood pressure, are taken to determine what they may or may not have injected (Marshalltown Community Television, 2017).

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Darkroom Examination

The darkroom examination is used to dilate people due to changes in light intensity. This involves using a pupilometer to which the subjects’ pupil is expected to react by changing the size. Here, the drug and alcohol evaluation online expert looks into the subject’s nose to determine whether they may be ingesting drugs. This facilitates the determination of whether the subject is under the influence.

What is Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Questions as a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Tool

The instructors explain that there are questions that can be used to determine whether the subject is under the influence of drugs (Marshalltown Community Television, 2017). This stage is known as the evaluation of the subject’s statements in addition to other observations. Muscle tone inspection facilities the determination of whether the subject is consuming drugs through injections.

Muscle Tone Examination

The muscle tone also helps determine whether the subject is under the influence of stimulants. The trainer explains that observing the subject’s vascularity can help determine whether they are suffering the long-term effects of the drugs (Hart & Ksir). The evaluator can give their subjective opinion, which they can compare with their colleagues to ensure objectivity.

Toxicology Evaluation in Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Collecting the urine, blood, or saliva samples facilitates toxicology evaluation. Learning the twelve-step drug-recognition evaluation process is very clear for the training process in its prerequisites for DRE training (Hart & Ksir). This drug and alcohol evaluation online training helps understand the technical and complex aspects of drug training. Long-term drug use can be detected by observing illnesses and injuries due to the abuse of drugs. The aim is to describe the subject’s involvement in the impairment of driving incidents. The learner is also expected to understand the effects of the seven drug categories.

Online Testimony

This drug and alcohol evaluation online testimony is used to prosecute, suspend, and limit toxicology testing. The collected samples can be used to detect the presence of substances in the subject’s body. This is, however, not admissible in the court of law. It focuses on the physiological symptoms in medical training. The results must be in line with the toxicological results to be reliable.

It is more diagnostic and detailed in the suspension of the impairment of the recognition of drugs. The process can conclude that the subject is impaired and can operate a vehicle safely. This impairment could result from drug abuse or other medical complications (Hart & Ksir). Furthermore, the categorization of the drugs is facilitated, for example, whether the drug is a depressant or a stimulant. Therefore, the drug and alcohol evaluation online can be supplemented with the behavioral and appearance; thus, if carefully administered, it can be a useful tool for safety.

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