The Reconstruction Era

How did the social status of American African change during the reconstruction era Thank you in advance for the help! Their elements of politics were also ruptured, and, as a result, led to millions of slaves becoming legally free. During this period, there were high chances of reconstructing the south, but its history could not pave the way for that to take place. For instance, determining what was to be done on the Confederates that had led to the emergence of the Civil War was a problem. Deciding on the fate of the millions of people who had been enslaved in it was also challenging. Additionally, determining the fate of the whites who had fueled the slavery in the south posed a great challenge. “Therefore, the main issues of the Reconstruction era were to readmit the former Confederate states and to sought the position of African Americans in American society” (Reconstruction 438).Liberation from slavery did not come in a single moment. “In coastal South Carolina and parts of Louisiana and Florida, some slaves gained their freedom as early as the fall of 1861 when generals like John Fremont declared slaves in their district free.” However, many slaves in some parts such as Texas heard of freedom in 1865. The challenges they used to face before this time led to them having “Juneteenth day” as a reminder of their first access to freedom. Many parts that surrounded Texas such as Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri also gained their freedom towards the end of 1865 through the 13th Amendment (Reconstruction 439).In 1865, African Americans developed some enthusiasm for the realization of their citizenship. Their aspirations were supported by some of the Republican leaders. Additionally, Freedmen’s Bureau was formed to provide social, educational, and economic support to the slaves. It also granted the slave security against the white southerners. It also aimed at coordinating efforts so as to protect the rights of former slaves who were not having access to education. In addition to providing education.

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