The planet Venus

Details  Be creative. Feel free to use unique layouts and illustrate your points with figures. All one-page papers must include these elements:  Papers may not exceed one page!!  Creative and descriptive title (Bad Title: Minerals are Great! Good Title: Quartz is Everywhere)  Your name  Date of submission  Substantive and detailed text   Illustrations, with captions and citations  APA-formatted bibliography of citations  Topics will be selected on the discussion board. First come, first served!     Solar System  Minerals  Rocks  Volcanoes & Earthquakes  All one-page papers must be submitted to both the Canvas assignment portal and the discussion board locations as PDF files. Why PDF files?  The format of your work will not change between your computer and mine, unlike documents from word processing programs, which often change formats when you change computer platforms.  You can use color without going through the time or expense of printing in color.  The PDF file name must be in the following format: YourLastName_Topic.pdf  For example, Hall_Quartz.pdf. Upload all PDFs to the assignment portal on Canvas  Refer to the course schedule for deadlines.  Avoid plagiarism by writing all material in your own words. Do not use direct quotations and be sure to list all sources of information in your bibliography, which includes all sources for factual information and illustrations. The bibliography can be in addition to your one-page paper and should grow along with your writing series.     Remember, the first information you find is not necessarily the best information. Your goal is to include the best information on the topic in your one-page paper. Be sure to include vocabulary that you have learned in class and tell me something new. The best papers will look great and have excellent, substantive, detailed scientific content.  Format the one-page paper so that it is visually appealing. Use any fonts you like, so long as they are clear and readable. Please use an 11 point font or larger for the main body of your text. You may use smaller fonts for figure captions.  Use reputable sources for your scientific material. You may start with Wikipedia, but you may not use it as the ultimate source for substantive information. You must confirm any material in Wikipedia by using other reliable sources: books, journal articles, magazines, newspapers, or websites of universities, museums, scientific societies, and government institutions. You should not need to list Wikipedia in your bibliography, except for figures.  Please include a bibliography of all of your sources in APA or GSA format at the end of the paper. Please be sure to use in-text citations. In some way, indicate which figures come from which sources. For example, you might number the figures on your one-pager and then have a list of figure sources in your bibliography.  The grammar and spelling in your one-page paper should be perfect. These are short, concise assignments that you should edit, review, and revise many times before turning them in the first time. Review your work again before submitting with your portfolio at the end of the semester.  Grading  The grading rubric for the one-page papers is attached to the assignment. I may modify it as the semester progresses, if the need arises.  Discussion board responses are a separate grade and worth 20 points each.     Requirements for Each Topic  All papers must contain illustrations, comprehensive descriptions of your topics, and a bibliography. The minimal information that must be included for each topic is listed below. Be sure to include other relevant and interesting material as well.     Solar System:  Start your research on the NASA website: (Links to an external site.)     Minerals and Rocks:  Include the chemical formula, physical properties, hand specimen identification, geologic occurrence, and origin of the mineral name.  Recommended sources:  Smithsonian Mineral Gallery: (Links to an external site.)  Minerals, textures, hand specimen identification, geologic occurrence  Recommended source:  Lab text: Oceanography by Trujillo  Volcanoes & Earthquakes:  Use NOAA’s Natural Hazards Viewer at (Links to an external site.) to create a map of regional earthquake and volcanic activity as well as determine basic information. Explain why there are volcanoes and/or earthquakes in the area. Explain map symbols using a legend or figure caption.  Describe geologic causes, casualties, and damages.  Other recommended websites:  Natural Hazards Image Database: (Links to an external site.)  S. Geological Survey: (Links to an external site.), (Links to an external site.)  Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History, Global Volcanism Program:

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