The Performance Appraisal

Complete Two Research Study Review that relates to the performance appraisal topic. The idea is to find a quantitative research study published in a journal article that relates to each module/week’s topic to better understand the topic and to get a better understanding of the research related to the topic. Do not summarize any of the studies that are included in the weekly reading materials, but find other studies to read and report on.  The student will read the article and then summarize (synthesize the information) the study in their own words (minimum word count 500 words). These summaries are designed so that the student  remembers the most important aspects of each study, and so they will follow set guidelines that keep the focus of the review on the most critical aspects of the study. This will help the student in this course and in future research and coursework. The research article should be no more than 5 years old. The student should be reading the current research in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. See detailed instructions on the Research Study Review Instructions document.  Using current APA style the review will include the following: ·      Specific sections with the appropriate APA heading: o    title of article and author(s); why the article was written (purpose) o   Hypothesis – what it attempts to find or answer, include each hypothesis  o   Methodology – how it answers the hypothesis, process, population, statistical tests used o    Results – what were the outcomes; provide the significance levels o   Discussion – what the results actually mean, how is it applicable, why is it important in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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