The French Revolution Class, This week you learned about the French Revolution, a landmark event in both French and European history. During the early years of the French Revolution, revolutionaries attempted to implement some of the ideals and principles of Enlightenment thinkers. Perhaps the best example of revolutionaries attempting to implement Enlightenment ideals and principles is the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen  Links to an external site. In this discussion assignment, you are required to do the following in your initial reply: Select three different articles from the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen  Links to an external site  and explain what Enlightenment ideal(s)/principle(s) is (are) trying to be implemented. Based on the articles that you selected, please explain what made them so revolutionary for the time. Your initial response is due by 11 PM on Thursday, October 29.  By 11 PM on November 1 you are required to respond to two classmates. In your peer response, you will either agree or disagree with your classmates’ explanation of the Enlightenment ideals/principles for their selected articles. If you agree with your classmate’s explanation, then please explain why. If you disagree with your classmate’s explanation, please explain why. This assignment will be worth 10 points (5 points for your initial response; 5 points for your response to a classmate; Please see the grading rubric for guidance on what is expected for full credit. Click the “snowman” icon (3 vertical dots in the upper left corner of the screen), then select “Show Rubric.” Mobile users: Click Grades, then click into the Discussion. The rubric can then be found on the Grades tab.). Please note that you must post your response to the discussion prompt/questions by 11 PM on Thursday, October 29. If you submit your response to the discussion prompt/questions after 11 PM on October 29, then you will not receive credit for any classmate responses that you may issue. Remember, please follow the proper guidelines for online interaction when posting (see the following link for online interactions: Netiquette Graphic

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