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Do More to End Discrimination of Women at Work

Summary of Facts

This is an article written by Cathy Mputhia on May 13, 2018 on the Business Daily. The author points out the fact that there are many opportunities for women in Kenya, a country in East Africa in the recent past. The country has been making legal reforms on gender equality since 2013. She points out that women’s rights have been receiving a lot of global attention especially after the signing of UN Convention Eliminating Discrimination Against Women treaty. Despite this, gender discrimination is prominent in work places.

There are some work places where women are discriminated when it comes to earning and promotion. Other people consider women to be too soft to handle various duties. There are worse cases where women earn less than their male counterparts despite performing the same tasks in similar positions.

She however, is hopeful that with gender equality being catered for in the constitution as well as in the sustainable development goals, it might be achieved. Her country is also experiencing more women in power. They could be few, but they are a motivation to the rest and even better help them have good working places.

Analysis of the Facts

The underlying theme in this article is gender equality in work places. Even in developing countries such as Kenya, women work. However they are face by the challenge of discrimination. Chapter 8 of our notes on Work Place Ethics state that there should be no discrimination in either the hiring, promotion or remuneration of workers in order to create a conducive working environment. It is therefore everyone’s duty from the employer to the clients to ensure that women have a rather comfortable working environment.

My Opinion

Gender discrimination is a primitive vice that has for many years been existing in our work places. It has limiting our potential as a country as women with skills or ideas are being over looked. This not only hurts them but also hinder our success. We should realize that even third world countries are waking up to the call for gender equality. With this we will definitely achieve a lot.

People Think Companies Cannot Do Good and Make Money. Can Companies Prove Them Wrong?

Summary of Facts

This was a social responsibility article written by Amit Bhattacharjee and Jason Dana and was published on November, 28 2017. They state that many Americans think that businesses make profit by taking value from the consumers and the society at large. People associate profit negatively with the perceived value to the society.

The authors did a study whereby they used profit figures of companies like Kinder, Lydenberg, and Domini (KLD) Research & Analytics and compared them to the respective companies’ accomplishments on social responsibilities. The firms’ impact to the society was measured in terms of: community relations, corporate governance, diversity, environmental impact, employee welfare human rights and product safety and quality. It was found out that better behaved companies make higher profits. This was due to the fact that companies tend to focus on the long-term profits.

However there is anti-profit belief in our society that the authors term as narrow minded. They blame it on the fact that people view the market from the consumer side. The fact is that companies sacrifice a lot to keep their business afloat.

Analysis of Facts

The theme of capitalism is quite vivid in this article. This is where the economy operates on the basis of profit and market exchange as states the text; CH. 4’s introduction. This system has been linked directly to the growth of most of the multinational companies. According to the article, these companies do not necessarily engage in unethical practices in order to make profit.

As stated in the text entitled CH. 6 product safety involves giving the consumers the value for their money despite their lack expertise in verifying it that is companies not taking advantage of the consumers ignorance, This is very essential in creating a long term profit making company. No company can compromise its future for the sake of attaining some short-term profits.

My opinion

Ethical issues are very important to in running any business. Every company should maintain high ethical standards as well as invest I their corporate responsibilities. This may mean low short-term profits but the long-term reward is worth it. The society on the other hand should stop being too viewing the market from the consumer side. It should be considered that the companies have a business to run and endure countless challenges in the course of their survival.


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