Bundaberg SWOT Analysis Assignment

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Bundaberg company is a brewed drinks company founded in 1960. In its initial years the company focused on selling their brewed drinks within the local market. The company expanded its scope in 1987 and has since been exporting its products globally. Due to its global scale operations, Bundaberg will greatly benefit from a strategic international marketing plan that will increase its market presence and boost sales. The focus of this paper is to present an international marketing plan for Bundaberg.

Bundaberg SWOT Analysis Assignment


Internal SWOT Analysis Assignment, the major strengths of the organization;

Strategic market segmentation and implementation strategies, the company overall aim of segmentation is to identify high yield segments, those segments which are highly profitable are given special attention in supplying most of the company products effectively (Erika, 2012).

The diversified market, the company ensures lack of dependency on a particular market, thus its ability to supply products internationally to new market increases the company portfolio. Thus in turns increases its profit level and company standards at international level. The company exports its products to over 36 countries all over the world. Sales are growing rapidly in both domestic and international market (Erika, 2012).

A strong partnership between the manufacturer and the packaging supplier, in order to jointly create innovations that lead to business value. The relationship between the packaging supplier is enhanced through the collaboration but is also based on a strong understanding of each other processes. In the case of the supplier, they provide regular line audits to identify issues such as bottle scoring and to provide suggestions for ways in which the bottling process should be improved.

The company is highly innovative, this enhances the companies operation by involving all its stakeholders in a general workshop which is run for a full day. At this event, Bundaberg staff and suppliers share perspectives on existing business plans. They are then prompted to brainstorm new ideas that will add value to the Bundaberg business and its suppliers.

An aggressive and focused marketing campaign with clear goals and strategies, Bundaberg company has established effective marketing campaign to create, keep, and satisfy the customer. With the customer as the focus of its activities, it anticipates the needs and wants of customers and satisfy these more effectively than competitors.

Creating employment opportunities, the company creates job opportunities for the vast population of Australia and the world at large.

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SWOT Analysis Assignment: Major weaknesses of the organization

Maintaining corporate values, image, and quality standards in various countries is a challenge, due to the widespread of our products it has been a great challenge to maintain strong corporate values, image, and qualities. This leads to the low supply of some of our products thus becomes a challenge for us to meet the international standards.

Limited financial facilities compared to the major players in the industry, this becomes a major weakness in production and distribution of our products, marketing of our products requires enough capital so as to maintain the competitive nature with already established international companies.

Lack of clear-cut channels of distribution, the company faces weaknesses in distribution challenges resulting from the inadequate capital to employ enough staff to enhance a smooth advertising and supply of products worldwide.

Transportation of products, given that our products are produced in Australia it becomes a bigger barrier to distribute our products overseas to the greatest market and consumers in the world (Dr. Brett, 2012).

SWOT Analysis Assignment: External SWOT analysis

The major threats facing our organization include;

Intense competition, the company faced great competition from other companies. The competitive pricing of the competitors are lowering the profit margins, this causes price fluctuations which in turn causes to low-profit levels or even loses.

Political risks, the politicians pass laws which lead to over taxation of the beer industry which affects the general operation through reducing revenue, which in turn affects the general company operations (Deutsher, 2012).

The present growth in the market may result in market saturation, through competition. This competition could emerge from a variety of given sources, including; established mass market companies development of new lines and vertically integrating so as to be totally in control of supplies and products being sold on the respective markets, new marketing strategies and tactics by established products and companies, establishing competition, other start-up companies generated by healthy economic growth national wide, and intolerable price increases by foreign suppliers. (Alison, P.2001).

Bundaberg SWOT Analysis Assignment

Volatile revenue, the unexpected nature of price drop of beer price in the international market is a great threat to our company.

SWOT Analysis Assignment: Major opportunities of our organization include,

High-quality brew for enjoyment and refreshment, our high-quality beverage has attracted more consumers thus enhancing our products brand internationally.

Emerging markets, the presence of emerging markets offer a great opportunity to sell our products and even increase our products to meet the increasing demand of consumers test.

New products, our company is focused on manufacturing new products to meet the ever emerging market demands all over the world. The new products are standardized to satisfy our consumers. This increases our opportunities to meet international competition with good quality products.

Internet marketing and sale, this creates a great opportunity for faster and efficient advertising and marketing of our products at a lower cost and faster (Bassett, 2012).

The new generation of individuals and families has a greater appreciation of attractive packaging. This enhances the supply of our product given that our company has invested greatly in the proper sound packaging.

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SWOT Analysis Assignment: Internal SWOT analysis

Impacts of SWOT on the operation and policies/ strategies of the organization, by analyzing our company strengths and weaknesses we are able to capitalize on our strengths to ensure maximum profits and also invest on the weaknesses so as to ensure the company is profit oriented and achieving its set and stated goals and objectives. The internal SWOT Analysis Assignment also enhances our creativity by providing solutions to our current problems and creating measures to prevent arising and future issues within our company.

The analysis helps to segment our market according to their net returns, this facilitates special attention to our loyal consumer thus maintain an efficient partnership with marketing and company dynamism.

SWOT Analysis Assignment: Goals and objectives

The first, which aims to reduce the weight of beverage bottles, came about through a blue sky innovation day in which suppliers and the staff were encouraged to develop new ideas to deliver business value. Second, a high level of collaboration between Bundaberg and its supply chain partners has meant that Bundaberg is on track to deliver significant cost savings as well as marketing and sustainability benefits.

The company aims at achieving an international supply of quality standards products to its consumers while putting into considerations consumer tests and demands.

Bundaberg SWOT Analysis Assignment

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