Socratic Dialogue

Socratic Dialogue (or Dialogue with Confucius) Midterm (20% of final grade) Minimum 9 pages long. Compose an imaginary dialogue debating a topic (see assigned readings for each issue). Socrates (or Confucius) should perform three functions: 1. Clarification of main areas of agreement and disagreement about the issue: i.e., Socrates must identify at least two opposing theses on the issue 2. Paraphrase some key arguments offered on both sides for these theses, as Socrates asks questions about them, while he moderates the debate 3. Evaluation of what the others say to Socrates about the ethical problems involved with the topic, by having Socrates offer to them a gentle, indirect critique of the best arguments he can find in answer to his questions You must write ONE Socratic dialogue, on any one of the following topics: Abortion: due Nov 13: upload to Moodle ,Euthanasia: due Nov 13: upload to Moodle ,Animal rights: due Nov 13: upload to Moodle ,Capital punishment: due Nov 13: upload to Moodle, Wartime ethics: due Nov 13: upload to Moodle ,Consumerism: due Nov 13: upload to Moodle, Environmentalism: due Nov 13: upload to Moodle ,Global poverty: due Nov 13: upload to Moodle, Labor rights: due Nov 13: upload to Moodle ,Techno-culture: due Nov 13: upload to Moodle ,Dialogues must be handed in to the professor (via Moodle) during the appropriate due date time frames specified above. Late Socratic dialogues will not be accepted. You will be graded according to (1) your understanding of the readings and issues; (2) grammar / clarity / spelling / etc.; (3) the insightfulness of your evaluation of the key themes; (4) how well you follow the instructions on the handout that is given to you with all the necessary instructions for writing a good Socratic dialogue (source: Peter Kreeft, Socratic Logic, edition 3.1, pp. 344-347). Format is size 12 font, 1.0-inch margins, double-spaced between speakers, otherwise single-spaced. watch the video: Socratic Dialogue Instructions: Grading criteria: Dialogue sample and dialogue format: Example of a Socratic Dialogue: Plato’s Republic, Book I (see especially Discussion #3, pages 5-13): Videos for learning more about Socrates:

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