Social Networking

Self-presentation has to do with the way we package ourselves for others to see, especially with the popularity of personal webpages, social networking sites, and blogs. Self-presentation looms even larger in social networking sites. These are online communities where individuals manipulate their self-image as they communicate and share information with others, such as on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. According to the text, there are two types of self-presentation: strategic and verification. In strategic self-presentation, an individual contrives to shape an identity in such a way as to gain an advantage with others for purposes of being liked or to be seen as competent. In verification self-presentation, the goal is to be viewed by others in accordance with how the individual sees him- or herself. You will be asked to review social networking sites and/or blogs such as MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Discuss the form of self-presentation that is predominant in personal webpages, social networking sites, and blogs. Which type of self-presentation do they think is most evident in the home videos posted on YouTube? Discuss some of the positive and negative aspects associated with such sites. Do you see any other advantages to being connected to others in this fashion? In the future, might this type of social networking become a springboard to professional networking? Further explore possible problems with this form of social networking. How do they infer whether or not online portraits are accurate? Do these sites encourage the posting of information that is dishonest or inappropriate in a quest for popularity? Is there a tendency to disclose more information online than one would in real-life interactions? What are some clues that they use in real life to judge the genuineness of self-presentations that are lacking online? Your reflection should be a minimum of 300 words in length, typed and double-spaced, MLA/APA format and grammar, punctuation and spelling and uploaded to the Canvas course page. Be certain you met the requirements of the rubric.

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