Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example on the Cayman Island Department of Tourism Advertisement

Cayman Island is a Western Caribbean Sea Island that is also one of the largest British Overseas Territory by population. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations globally, with the most conspicuous attraction being Seven Mile Beach. The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism seeks to promote tourism in the territory as a premier destination and protect the environment.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Example

One of the Cayman Island Department of Tourism Advertisements attempts to depict the destination that offers hospitality while exceeding the visitor’s expectations. This rhetorical analysis essay shall examine the advertisement’s effectiveness based on the strategic application of ethos, pathos, and logos. Therefore it shall establish how persuasive the advertisement is to potential tourists on the island.

Ethos is an aspect of rhetorical analysis that assesses the presenter’s credibility of the information. In this case, one would ask whether the Cayman Island Department of Tourism is an appealing authority on the friendliness of the island as a tourism destination (Cayman Islands Department of Tourism). A well-informed audience would be aware that the publisher, the agency, has the direct responsibility of promoting the island as a tourism destination.

Therefore, their recommendation of the destination as a tourism destination may be questionable. However, the audience would be aware that based on the fact that the agency facilitates the strategic planning and management of tourism, they are well aware of what it entails to make a successful tourism destination. The agency has also examined the businesses involved in the industry and their ability to make the destination both hospitable and adventurous. Furthermore, it has formulated policies that optimize the island as a tourism destination.

Pathos involves how appealing the advertisement is to the emotions of the audience. The advertiser has two photos shown, one showing the outdoor scenery while the other showing the indoor scenery with food on a yellow plate. The meal looks luxurious, exotic, and healthy. The indoors, depicted with the word “entrees,” are expected to provide the audience with a warm feeling of life at home.

The depiction of the outdoor, with the word “exits,” is accompanied by a photo of a beautiful woman relaxing on a yellow boat (Cayman Islands Department of Tourism). The advertiser has a particular use of yellow, which is a sign of cheerfulness, warmness, and energy. The words at the bottom of the advert are “Close to home. Far from expected”. This appeals to the emotions of the audience to expect comfort and adventure. This makes the island more appealing to the audience.

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Lastly, the logos of the message assesses the advertisement’s logical appeal. The claim in the advertisement is that the Cayman Islands provides both hospitable indoors and exciting outdoors. Based on the fact that the island has the most beautiful beaches, the exits are as appealing as the photo of the woman on a boat with a slightly clouded sky on the horizon (Cayman Islands Department of Tourism). Therefore if the audience is seeking an adventure, it would be logical for them to visit the island.

Another logical claim made by the advertisement is that water is clear, and there are no other humans in the photo beside the beautiful woman (VG). This would be a logical claim based on the fact that there are very long beaches, such as the seven-mile beach. Furthermore, the warmness and safety depicted in the photos are factual because Caymans islands have a relatively low crime rate. This makes it a safe tourist destination.

In conclusion, the Cayman Island Department of Tourism Advertisement is percussive based on pathos, logos, and ethos. The Cayman Island Department of Tourism has the authority to claim that the island is a warm, hospitable, and adventurous tourist destination.

Scientific Argument

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