Public Relations Practitioner Interview Report

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This is a make-up assignment, Please include outside research and cite heavily.

– watch the student videos practitioner interviews uploaded on Canvas.
I’ve uploaded all 8 here for you to be able to download (they’re very short and I’m aware some of them may not be working. Just use all you can please).

– take notes

-Write a summary report about the business of PR or advertising. You can use the same questions in the guidelines of the practitioner interview assignments (will cop/paste below … please in-text cite them as (practitioner interview questions provided) .
“Of course, you will not speak about one professional only, but you can show the variety of profiles through the daily tasks, responsibilities, clients relations, backgrounds, ethics issues, etc” – the professor.

– This should be 700 words, Arial, 12, space 1.5.

Source everything provided.

From assignment sheet.
– Understand the job of a strategic communication practitioner
– Find out more about the industry of strategic communication


1- Example of 10 interview questions (must be typed)- below an indicative list:
a. Educational background of the professional
b. Career path in PR or prior to joining the PR/adv. industry
c. Information about the company or PR/adv firm (description of the business; company size, departments, etc.)
d. Number of persons involved in PR/adv. in the company (their titles and responsibilities)
e. Describe a typical day of work in the PR/adv. department (if any) and a typical day of your contact (tasks, responsibilities)
f. Challenges facing the practitioner in his work
g. Career objectives of the practitioner on the long run
h. Highlights of his/her job and responsibilities
i. Relationship with the clients
j. Has he/she come across or heard about any unethical situation? Describe. Comment on the ethics of the profession and maturity of PR/adv. in the Arab region and Qatar more specifically.


2- Write your report (essay format).”

Thank you and Good luck!

Public Relations Practitioner Interview Report

Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation

Corbett 2012 defines public relations is a process that involves building a mutually beneficial relationship between any organization and members of the public. It therefore fosters goodwill and communication between the organization and its customer thus making it a very essential component of a marketing strategy. Many organizations therefore allocate large amounts of resources to it. Some of them have an in-house public relations department while others hire other firms to handle their public relations. Winchel 2015 points out that the big organizations prefer hiring a public relations firm to an in-house department because the firms handle many problems thus making them more experienced. This paper will discuss in depth the work of a strategic communications practitioner and the strategic communication industry at large.

Educational background

The education back ground of the strategic communication practitioners vary from one professional to another. Abud of Ovilvy has a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing while Hani El Korek studied computer science and started off as a graphic designer. This means that the strategic communications work is not limited to people with a certain education background. As Tulip Al Muhtaseb points out, a strategic communication practitioner should be able to express themselves effectively both verbally and in writing. Fluency in more than one language also comes in handy in the industry. This means with such skills and passion for public relations anybody can have a career in the strategic communication industry.

Career paths prior to joining the PR industry

The career paths taken by different professionals vary. Mr. Patrick Forbes worked as financial firm prior to joining the public relations industry. Mr. Ayass on the other hand joined the industry immediately after completing his studies. As Doyle (2018) points out, the path that one’s career takes depends on their goals and the decisions they make. As illustrated above each practitioner’s career path before joining the industry depends on how soon they realized their passion for public relations.

Information about public relations firms

Public relations firms have a relatively similar nature of work. Despite this fact, the firms vary in size. Al Mana Media has a total of 24 workers. Mr. El Korek is general manager; the firm has an operations manager, a media team of two, a production manager and lastly a creative department. Ovilvy Media on the other hand is an office in major cities all over the world such a firm has hundreds of workers. The structure of each firm depends with the size as well as the managers’ ideology.

A typical day in a strategic communications firm

A typical day in Forbes and associates starts at 8.30 am this is quite similar to the other firms. Just like any other firm there are both individual and departmental meeting to brief the staff. The most uniting characteristic of public relations firms is the spontaneity that comes with the nature of their work. The challenges they face every day are unique.

Challenges faced by the practitioners

Mr. Hanin Korek points out that the most eminent challenge faced in the industry is ignorant clients. Despite hiring a public relations consultancy fire most companies at times ignore their advice. They forget that a strategic communications practitioner’s advice is based on facts and figures and not emotions. In this line of work the motto “The customer is always right” as popularized by Harry Gordon does not apply. This is well collaborated by all the other professionals interviewed. There are however, unique challenges like in Mr Khalil Ayass’s situation where a client wanted to involve him in a corruption scheme. Other challenges involved include competition and poaching of clients by competitors.

Career objective of a practitioner in the long run

The career objectives varied from one practitioner to another. Mr. Abud of Ovilvy legacy is in his work in the company and thus will remain in the industry for the foreseeable future. Mr. Hani Korek on other hand has a thought of leaving the industry for something totally different. The career objectives depend on the professional’s success in the industry as well as their need to focus on their personal lives.

Jobs and responsibilities of the practitioners

The responsibility of each professional interviewed depended on their position in the firm. Mrs. Kelly Vardala is the associate media director in Universal Media. One of her major responsibilities is to coordinate activities in the firm as well as supervise the junior staff. Mr. Hani El Korek is the general manager of Al Mana Media which give him an overall responsibility of the firm. He also plays the role strategic planner. This is the best essay writing webite online.

Relationship with clients

The success of each public relationship firm is purely based on its relationship with its clients and more so effective communication. Khalil of GEM says that some clients do not follow instructions. However, others are smart and contribute brilliant ideas. Mr. Hani El Korek considers his clients as partners the relationship is so intimate that when competitor try to poach them, the report back to him.

Ethical situation

Ethics are very necessary in every work environment. In the long run they work to the advantage the business . Mr. Abud points out that his firm hires people with a good moral compass Hani El Korek also called out unethical practices by his competitors of poaching. As much a ethics are a personal matter, each public relations consultant should observe them. The Arabic world of often known for sexual harassment as well as gender discrimination. Such practices should be eliminated in quest of catching up with the rest of the world. The public relations industry is on the right track to maturity.


Corbett, G (2012). A modern definition of public relations. Public Relations Defined. Retrieved from

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