Police Brutality

Your first formal college essay assignment asks you to compose an argumentative essay about a topic you care about. This assignment has several parts that will culminate in a 3-4 page argumentative essay centered on a critical analysis of a scholarly essay or news article with which you strongly disagree. Your essay should include an introductory paragraph that presents the topic clearly (and why it matters) and the different points of view (or positions) on the topic. The body of your essay should engage closely with a specific article or scholarly essay that represents a position on your topic that you strongly disagree with. Using the passage the text you posted to Discussion Board (Oct 19th) try to flesh out your own grasp of the topic by summarizing the message you think is being conveyed. What exactly are they saying? Why does it matter? How much influence does this position have? Attempt to be as neutral as possible by describing the who, the what, the where, the when (and perhaps the why) of the argument you disagree with. Where did you encounter it? Who speaks? Who is being addressed? What is the occasion? Does the view expressed in this instance represent a more widely-held view? What kind of impact does it have? The rest of your essay should present your own argument based on what you see as the major limitations, problems, or contradiction of the position you are arguing against. Try to outline at least points of disagreement. Finally, keep in mind that while the text you have located should be the focus of your essay, it is likely only an “example” of a much broader position. Why did you select this example? Could you find an even better example? Please refer to the templates in “They Say/I Say” and these lecture slides for help formulating your argument.

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