Personal Care Electronic Devices

You are in the New Business Team of a US based company in the personal care electronic devices business/industry. Your company has been successfully manufacturing and marketing your products in the USA and is looking to expand its business to Bulgaria. Your company is setting aside up to US$50 million in the year’s budget for this Opportunity and is primarily interested in making good returns on its global business in the long term. Your Report will contain your analysis of the most profitable business activity in the personal care electronic devices sector in Bulgaria.Using the Class Library Guide (Links to an external site.), you will conduct research on your assigned country and your business/industry and prepare an analysis of any factors that might be relevant in making a decision as to the viability or otherwise of doing business in your assigned country. To do this, you will need to search credible sources for relevant information relating to your assigned country and your business/industry such as:• geographic location, main cities, climate, population, demographic trends’• GDP, brief details of political and economic systems;• main products, businesses, main trading partners, main business or industry groups in your assigned country;• potential customers, target market, market size of your business/industry in your assigned country;• risk factors and risk assessment of the location;• language, ethnic origins, religion, culture, ethical issues/dilemmas;• your company’s main competitors and or potential local partners in your assigned country.NEW! You may find these additional Comments helpful.Your research should target relevant factors from the perspective of an international business person. For instance, if you are looking at the culture in your assigned country, you might consider researching both the culture of the people in the country as well as local business practices and advise on how this might impact any plans for doing business there. Please take this opportunity to contact the Business Librarian and or SU’s Writing Center (Links to an external site.) for assistance with this assignment.Using the research you have found, your Report should assess the pros and cons of doing business in your assigned country as well as the various risks and costs of doing business there and the strengths and benefits of doing so in your country. For this Report, you should limit your research to sources up to the end of Dec 2019 and you do not have to take the current pandemic circumstances into account.You will then analyze and consider the pros and cons of doing business either through exporting to and or through investment by FDI in your country for the type of business or industry within the sector you have been assigned, and select which of these 2 types of business activity would deliver the best returns to the company. You should include extensive analysis of the various theories and issues (e.g. Porter’s diamond, Dunning’s eclectic theory) relating to why firms might choose to trade and or invest.Write a Report of about 9-10 pages, (10 pages max, double spaced, 12 point font size, not including your title page, annotated bibliography or any other pages containing graphs, charts diagrams) explaining your research, analysis and recommendations about the global business expansion proposal. Given these space constraints, you should make sure you only include factors that are directly relevant to your analysis of the Business Opportunity in your assigned country. Upload one copy of your Report to the CANVAS course site.Remember that you must use APA format for citing any sources used.  Failure to do so suggests that the material you have included is your original work which may be plagiarism. You should have at least 6 academically credible, sources for this assignment, although I would expect you to have several additional sources. Your Report should also include an Annotated Bibliography of the sources you used; this is a summary and/or evaluation of each of your sources, summarizing the main arguments, the point of the article, why in each case you chose to use that source. Your annotations for each source used should not exceed one sentence in length.

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