Literacy Narrative

Assignment For this assignment, you will compose a literacy narrative about a memorable past experience you have had when learning to read or write. Since narratives are narrowly focused, you should strive to keep the focus of your paper on a single event that took place during a relatively brief period of time. For example: §  any early memory about writing or reading that you recall vividly §  an event at school that was interesting, humorous, or embarrassing §  learning to write instant messages or email, learning to construct a website, creating and maintaining Facebook page Make a list of memorable past experiences, and then choose one that you think will be interesting to you and to others—and that you’re willing to share with others. You will want to describe this experience in as much detail as possible, so remember to “show, don’t tell.” Reference materials As you compose your essay, please review the assigned readings and videos and refer to following reference materials (documents, textbook readings, and videos). Documents are located in the Week 2 module and clicking hyperlinks will take you to the materials: §  “Types of Hooks” §  “Narrative Essay Basics” §  NFG Ch. 35 Beginning and Ending §  NFG Ch. 42 Describing §  NFG Ch. 43 Dialogue §  MLA General Format Sources You must write this essay in your own words, not using any other sources, as outside sources are not required or allowed for this assignment. Use of outside source material will result in an “F” grade (zero points) for this paper. There will be ample opportunity for incorporating outside sources and citation methods in future papers, so save source materials for those assignments. Minimum Requirements §  1,000 words minimum – you may go over this word count, but (as with all of your §  assigned work) make your words count. §  Use MLA format for left-and-right-hand headers §  Times New Roman 12 pt. font §  Double-space your work with 1” margins on all sides §  Make sure you have a title for your essay that isn’t just “Literacy Narrative”  Your writing need not sound formal or academic, and you can DEFINITELY use “I” which is 1st person point of view (POV) since this essay is all about you! However, do keep in mind that this is an academic assignment that should follow the conventions of academic writing, which includes having little to no instances of 2nd POV. Point of View in Academic Writing §  Your prose should be clear, grammatically correct, and free of typos.

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