Leadership Functions

For this assignment, you will examine what a high-level leader such as a vice president, director or president can do to encourage and sustain high-quality capacity for all of the goods and/or services the firm provides. Be sure to provide research from peer-reviewed sources (within five years) to determine and support what high-quality leaders do to encourage and grow the capacity of their organization. Be sure your assignment addresses the following:

Initially discuss the leadership activities that a high-level leader can implement to encourage and maintain high-quality growth for the goods and services provided by the organization.

Include in the assignment consideration for the 5-year future, including new products and services.

Include research indicating what high-quality leaders do to influence the capacity of their firms.

Develop a compare and contrast chart on high-quality leaders and the capacity of their organizations.

Support this assignment with a minimum of five scholarly resources. Other appropriate resources may be used as needed.

Length: 5-7 Pages including 1 compare and contrast chart, not including title and reference pages

Masters Program Personal Statement

Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation

Throughout my life, I have come to enjoy watching the different power dynamics that are in operation in our society, from the power dynamics within the family, in our country, and religion. The fascinating power dynamic in politics at the local, national, and international levels. Having spent some of my adult years and studied political science in a democracy, it was clear that the political power mainly lies in the hands of the people, who select leaders and representatives who make decisions on their behalf, something that is common in a representative democracy (Patterson et al., 2019). I spent my formative years in an absolute monarchy, where the tyrant leaders deny the people this power through oppression and dismissal of democracy. Therefore, I needed to understand this critical determinant in humankind’s quality of life, which propelled me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in political science. This provided an opportunity to understand how the government works, my civic responsibilities, and its privileges as a citizen. This would be in preparation as a career politician and to educate my fellow citizens on how they can harness their political power for their benefit and that of the society at large.

I have so far benefited from my bachelor’s education in political science, which has propelled me to pursue more academic credentials within the field. After carefully following my professors and instructors’ guidance at my bachelor’s level, I can now understand how domestic and international policies work and their purpose in the smooth operation of different political entities. I now fully understand my civic due as a citizen and the various ways in which I can contribute to bringing democracy into my country, for example, by pushing for people’s rights to vote. I can also analyze the various policy and political problems within my home and host countries’ political arena. I can also use the various statistical analysis tools like Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and Stata to the various issues within the political arena worldwide, such as making local and national political projections based on sample data. I can also see critical thinking when analyzing the various political arguments, which has helped point out all that fallacies within our political system. I have found these abilities to be vital to me as a citizen, a researcher in political, and to my political career (Patterson et al., 2019).

Therefore, I would like to enroll in a Master’s program in political science to deepen my knowledge and understand the various political forces within our society. I also expect to be exposed to more national and international political theories, processes, and laws that I would like to apply in the future while holding leadership positions and in my research work. I would also like to understand how the various policies affect the local and global economy’s economic conditions. One of the essential tools I acquired from pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science is analytical thinking, which I apply on viewing the causal relationship between the various events and how they affect the quality of life of the citizenry. An advanced course in the field will help master this analytical skills and the various tools at the disposal of political scientists that can help make the lives of the people better. After acquiring the opportunity, it will also help me improve my writing quality, a vital skill to someone seeking to advance their knowledge.

A vital tool in a prosperous leader is ambition, which propels the individual and society to greater heights. I am an ambitious person and would like to contribute to our society in a more significant way. Presently I am a community organizer in my home country whereby I help the members of our community push for their voting and other rights available in democracies. I also help my fellow citizens understand the importance of voting rights to their current and future welfare. After introducing democracy in my country, I would like to run for a political seat at the local level because I believe that this is where the political leadership contributes the more in the improvement of the quality of life of the citizenry. I would also like to contribute to the betterment of people’s lives at the global level in the World Health Organization (WHO), an organization responsible for global health. I will use my experience in the political statement dynamics to would with the various governments improve the quality of healthcare in their respective jurisdiction. Pursuing a Master’s degree in political science will help me acquire the necessary credential to achieve this goal.

Upon researching and consulting various individuals, I have learned that pursuing a Master’s Degree in Political Science is not compulsory for me to achieve my goals. However, I must be well acquainted with all the theories involved in the field, which will help me understand the dynamic easily in the real-life scenario. This will help me be a fast thinker, which will help in debates involved in political campaigns. Having a Master’s credential in political science will put me in an excellent position to contribute to more knowledge in the field by giving me more advanced tools as a scholar and researcher. Being an international scholar from an absolute monarchy, I am in a unique position to inform the people on the importance of their rights and how much they shuld resist on the government’s attempt to grab them.


Patterson, M. M., Bigler, R. S., Pahlke, E., Brown, C. S., Hayes, A. R., Ramirez, M. C., & Nelson, A. (2019). Toward a developmental science of politics. Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development84(3), 7-185.

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