Investigation Report Example

Investigation Report Example

Investigation Report Example Table

Date of Occurrence: November 4, 2021
Occurrence #: IS110521
Occurrence Type: Armed Robbery
Address: W.C. Woods factory at 123 Industrial Street
Victim: Sam Smith
Accused: Steve Jones
Reporting Officer: Sergeant Robert M. Weitzman
Date of this Report: November 5, 2021

Investigation Summary Report

Steve Jones allegedly attacked Sam Smith with a knife at W.C. Woods factory, 123 Industrial Street, demanding money. The victim was injured, and his wallet and phone were taken. A knife and button were found at the crime scene at the rear side of a factory. The suspected armed robber was arrested, and the investigators searched his residence at 5 Skid Row Circle with the authority of a Criminal Code search warrant for the residence. Detective Devine and a wallet guarded the crime scene, and a mobile phone was retrieved.

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Uniform Officers Involved

  • Sergeant Bryce MacLean
  • Detective Sergeant Brandy Henderson
  • Sergeant Robert M. Weitzman

Investigation Report Example

Investigative Officers

Detective Rick Devine

Evidence Seized

  • Wallet
  • Mobile phone
  • Knife
  • Button

Evidence Examination / Results

Sam Smith confirmed the wallet and mobile phone in Steve Jones 5 Skid Row Circle, Unit 2 residence. The victim’s documents, such as thus credit cards and work identification cards found inside. However, there was no money inside the wallet. Sam Smith reveals that he has six hundred and fifty dollars in his wallet by the time of the attack. Additionally, the button found on the crime scene matched a tire on the victim’s jacket. Even though Steve Jones was not in the house by the time the police raided his home, his fingerprints were found on the mobile phone and wallet, confirming the evidence was not planted in his absence (Houck & Siegel, 2009).

Additional Reports

Additional reports in this investigation include fingerprint reports found on the knife. The investigators also took photographs of the crime scene and the alleged perpetrator’s residence at 5 Skid Row Circle, Unit 2.

Further Investigation

There is a need for further forensic testing with DNA testing on the blood found on the knife. The confirmation of blood on the knife being of the victim and the fingerprints belonging to the client would confirm Sam Smith’s claim. This would support the offense being an armed robbery (Cavanaugh & Bathrick, 2018). The investigators can also interrogate Steve Jones in an attempt to obtain a confession for the alleged crimes.

Investigative Report Example


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  • Houck, M. M., & Siegel, J. A. (2009). Fundamentals of forensic science. Academic Press

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