Formation of Contractual Relationships

The following facts have occurred. Hillary advertised a printing press in a specialist journal for £15.000. Eleanor wrote to Hillary to buy it for £10.000. Hillary replied by return of post saying she would accept £13.000. When she heard nothing further from Eleanor, Hillary wrote again saying she would accept £10.000. Eleanor says she no longer wants to buy the printing press. Hillary wrote to Amy offering for sale an office computer for £1.000. The morning that she received the letter Amy wrote to Hillary agreeing to buy at the asking price. After she had posted the letter, but before it was delivered, Amy changed her mind and sent Hillary fax asking her to ignore the letter when it arrived.

contract law

Hillary decided to have a grand summer sale at her art gallery. She put large notices in the windows of the gallery stating that a valuable painting by Trumpeter, a famous artist, would be available for £1 to the first customer who came into the gallery at the commencement of the sale, together with a free signed print of another Trumpeter painting, Olivia waited outside the shop for two days before the sale started to be sure of getting the painting, but as she entered the shop, Hillary told her that the painting by Trumpeter was no longer for sale.

Questions for Discussion;

1 Define contract law and describe all the blue prints of a contract.

2 Explain the court system in relation to the English legal system and advise the parties above which courts action to pursue.

3 Advise Hillary as to whether binding contracts exist between herself and each of the following people ; Eleanor, Amy, Olivia.

4 Explain and discuss the various remedies available to the parties.

court system in relation to the English legal system


1 Write your responses to the above questions in the form of  an essay , Justify your responses.

2 A maximum of 1500 words.

3 Focus only on the tasks set in the assignment.

4 Write in an appropriate business/academic style.

5 Research must be reliable and relevant sources of information e.g. academic books and journals that have been peer reviewed and the research must be extensive.

6 All referencing must be in  Harvard style.

7 Analysis, evaluation and synthesis, logic, argument, and judgement, analytical reflection ; organisation of ideas and evidence.

8 All examples and sources must be from UNITED KINGDOM.

9 References must be at least 7.

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