Experimental and Non-Experimental Research Designs

Identify the differences between experimental and nonexperimental research designs. Give an example of each type of design.

This research methodology is based on Action / practice-based but told to be changed to Comparative evaluative case studying to develop different logical contexts in UK and SL
Need to use Action base in to prepare the piolet and evaluate it to use as grounding literature to set the scene and then the two groups for a case study in Uk and Sl. How to adopt the methods to create the awareness without cultural, ethical, and geographical boundaries and also to develop it to be a curriculum point.
In the summary, I have not introduced the Comparative case study methods. So to do that needs to add the methodology area.

“The role of teachers in creating awareness around CSA from the perspective of Sri Lanka and BAME community in the UK.”

It is widely recognized that child sexual abuse occurs in almost every country worldwide. However, it is difficult to estimate the real scale of the problem. The majority of the cases involving child sexual abuse (CSA) are never reported and never come into the attention of the authorities.


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