Diversity/White Privilege

Below, you will find an outline of what this paper should contain. Be sure to minimally answer all questions below. You will be submitting your paper on Turn-It-In which highlights the sources in your paper to ensure that no parts of your paper are plagiarized. If you click on the originality report in Turn-it-in, you will also be privy to this information. I strongly recommend that you look before you submit. If you find highlighted sections, be sure you do a better job of expressing the author’s idea in your own words. If you use one or two direct quotes, be sure that you place quotation marks around the passage and that you not only cite the author and the publication year but also the page number(s) on which you found the passage. If you do not have page numbers on a journal article then list the URL address of the website. Remember the References are different than the citations. Be sure you know the difference. In addition, Your final draft should be five to six pages long not counting the cover and reference pages and the abstract if you use one. . You should double-space and use APA formatting. You should use a minimum of  five to six journal articles and up to one book other than any of the textbooks – all within the past five years. Do not use Wikipedia or any other websites. Write an introduction to your paper. Define White privilege? Use social service related Peer-reviewed Journals such as the Journal of Human Service or the Journal of Counseling or Social Work to find this definition. How do you think it impacts human services agencies and supervision and hiring of staff? How do you think it impacts how you would supervise your staff? Summarize how the National Organization of Human Services Code of Ethics discusses cultural competence and diversity (go to the NOHS website to find this).  Think back when you first noticed that a person or a group of people who were different than you in terms of race/ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or religion. Describe the situation in one to two paragraphs. In what context did you see or meet the person or people? How old were you? At what level of education were you? What were some of your thoughts and feelings? What did you notice about him/her or them? How do you think what you have learned about the concept of White Privilege impacted your initial impressions? What impact did this event have on the way you look at the world or on your sense of inclusiveness or exclusiveness? How has your thinking evolved? How will this impact your supervision of people as you attempt to ensure you are being inclusive? In regard to how your awareness and thinking now impacts how you plan to supervise.

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