Discussion: Total Revolution?

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Dashboard / My courses / WRTG 1100: Writing for University (AA1, AA2 & AA3) – Spring 2022 / Week 9: MLA Style: In-text Citations and Works Cited List (March 14-20) / Discussion: Total Revolution?

WRTG 1100: Writing for University (AA1, AA2 & AA3) – Spring 2022

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Discussion: Total Revolution?

This activity will earn you credit as part of your Activities and Quizzes mark.

lab report


  1. Utilize the critical/strategic reading and note-taking tools and skills you have been reading about to complete this activity.
  2. Watch the following video, and post your response to any of the prompts below in the discussion forum (or a prompt of your own choosing). Please abide by the

Discussion Ground Rules noted above.

  1. Each of you is required to post at least one new discussion, i.e., create at least one new discussion item. Be as detailed and fulsome as possible. Engage with your

topic/question/issue/concern/problem, even if all you arrive at is more questions/issues/concerns/problems/etc. That is the purpose of discussion! It’s not supposed to be simple or reductive. It’s meant to be stimulating and nuanced. With that, it’s entirely possible not to have any answers and, rather, only questions.

  1. I am also looking for replies to others’ posts. Replying to others’ posts includes agreeing (remember, if you agree, say why), disagreeing (remember, if you disagree, say why, and if possible, contribute an alternative way of seeing/thinking), contributing, adding, questioning, clarifying, relating (to something else you have come across/know), analyzing, deepening, etc. There are many ways to respond to others’ posts, and those responses will contribute to your evaluation for this activity.
  2. Due: 11:55pm PST, March 20, 2022. Late submissions will not be accepted. (See also the Policy on Late or Missed Assignments in your Course Presentation.)
  3. Possible prompts (you are not required to respond to all of these (or even any of these–pick/choose/combine/create as you like, as these are only jumping-off points based on the video)).

lab report

In his interview with Jeremy Paxman, Russell Brand urges people to forgo voting until such time as a better political alternative emerges. What do you think?

In his interview with Jeremy Paxman, Russell Brand calls for a socio-political revolution, one led by the people and in opposition to the political status-quo (i.e., the way politics is currently structured). What do you think such a new/revised socio-political system should look like—one that could get Russell Brand and others like him to vote and participate in the political system?

In his interview with Jeremy Paxman, Russell Brand brings up the topic of apathy. Besides the world of politics, where else do you see people—especially young people—acting/re-acting with such apathy, and what problem(s), if any, does that apathy cause?

Russell Brand claims that the world of politics is a very homogeneous world, where almost every politician has a similar, privileged background, with no meaningful knowledge of the “real world.” Do you think that there should be some fundamental requirements for the job, i.e., certain qualifications, credentials, and/or

experiences a person MUST have before they are allowed to hold elected office? If so, what requirements and why? Or … your own thoughts, ideas, questions, etc. ?


0%: Not submitted / late (cut off)

25%: Submitted with minimal engagement (very brief response, largely disengaged with question/topic, no engagement with other posters, largely off-topic/target)

50%: Submitted with adequate engagement (brief response, satisfactory/competent engagement with question/topic, minimal or no engagement with other posters, some detail)

75%: Submitted with good/very good engagement (fulsome response, good/very good engagement with question/topic, good/very good engagement with other posters, significant detail)

100%: Submitted with excellent engagement (fulsome response, excellent engagement with question/topic, excellent engagement with other posters, significant detail)


In October, 2013, comedian/actor/author/activist Russell Brand was asked to be a guest contributor to the New Statesman, “a British political and cultural magazine published in London, UK. Founded as a weekly review of politics and literature in 1913, it is celebrated for its progressive politics, scepticism, free thinking and the intelligence, range and quality of its writing.” Brand’s original article can be found here. Other articles/responses to Brand can be searched on the New Statesman’s website. As well, you can

visit Russell Brand’s YouTube Channel to view the many videos he has recorded across a variety of social, cultural, political, and economic subject areas. While Brand began his public career as a comedian, he has also spent much of his life in deep study of philosophy, sociology, psychology, and spirituality and, in recent years, has become highly regarded by many as an intriguing and influential public thinker and intellectual.

Jeremy Paxman is an English broadcaster, journalist, and author. He worked for the BBC from 1972 until 2014 and is known for his forthright and abrasive interviewing style, particularly when interrogating politicians.” He is still an active broadcaster, journalist, and author.

Around the time that Brand was offered the opportunity to write for the New Statesman, he sat down with Paxman for an interview for the BBC’s program, Newsnight.

The due date for posting to this forum is Monday, 21 March 2022, 6:59 AM.

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