Customer Relationship Management

– Subject: Customer Relationship Management- The recommended textbook for the subject: A Practical Approach (6th Edition) – 978-0-13-274239-9 (ONLY CHAPTER 6 & 7 FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT).- The assignment should follow the APA Guidelines. – Answer the following essay questions:1. Discuss the benefits of relationship marketing.2. Use this scenario to answer the following questions. You work in the order confirmation department at the L.L. Bean catalog company. Part of your job responsibility is to call suppliers to confirm the ship dates for ordered goods. You spend your entire day on the telephone and for the most part, enjoy your job because you speak with people from all over the world. Your only real frustration is when you call a few of your customers to clear up an error that your company made, they react impatiently and rush to get off of the phone.What can you do to improve your skills in communicating with impatient customers?How can you deal with people who do not speak understandable English and still remain patient and informative?How can you encourage satisfied customers to share their experience with others?As a customer service provider, what do you do in a situation when you know that you are wrong or may have treated a customer inappropriately?Give an example of how you handled a challenging customer or how you have witnessed someone handling a challenging customer. Was the situation handled appropriately? If so explain why. If not, explain how the situation could have been better handled.

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