How to write you term paper and pay attention to: Any topic/question that fits into CRJ and needs to be reformed is good to me; make sure you use at least 3 different sources on that topic; MS Word ONLY!!! in Intro you should give the paper research statement (what is this about, what problem is, literature, who said what and what they suggest and what you think is the way to reform/deal with the problem). Second part-text body: where you in depth examine the problem, literature you’ve read, what data is available and what it tells you or how you will explain it. Conclusion: conclude with a brief statement on what you have examined and found (one-two paragraphs). Bibliography: list all sources you used for the paper. At least 3 (three) journal articles MUST BE used for the paper, newspaer information is OK BUT NOT SUFFICIENT for 400 level class; scholarly articles that what you need for it, Text book IS NOT SUFIICIENT AT ALL, so make a solid research paper, I do not want to tose like 100 level class papers, is you send me one like that, expect grade accordingly First (a title) page and Bibliography DO NOT COUNT! Use APA style. Use APA style. Use APA style. Use APA style. Use APA style I do not accept paper which would not follow the APA style (if there is 14 font size and not 12; if there are gaps between paragraph more than double space; if you do not site sources used; if there is no title page and your name; if spell check not used)

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