Counselling Role-Play CASE STUDY 1: RALPH

As a social worker in an Indigenous agency, you have received a referral for a 17-year-old youth (male). Ralph B.’s referral information includes:

Ralph has lived in a series of foster homes both on and off-reserve. He has been moved due to his ongoing behavior e.g., disappearing for days at a time, bullying younger children at home and at school.

Ralph does have extended family including his paternal grandmother who wants him to seek counseling support. She is very traditional (English is not her first language). Ralph is her only grandchild. Her son, Ralph’s father, committed suicide when Ralph was 6 years old and her daughter-in-law, Ralph’s mother, died of a drug overdose when Ralph was 8. Physical health problems prevent her from having Ralph live with her. Her brothers (2) and sister are very protective of her and are adamant that Ralph receive help. They have tried repeatedly to have Ralph live with them but his behavior has caused them to take a firm stand. Ralph has expressed anger at his family for not helping him. He has been verbally and physically abusive, pushing his grandmother when she attempted to encourage him to go to school.

Most recently, Ralph was charged with assault due to an altercation with a neighbor next door to his foster home. He is presently at a youth facility and, as part of his discharge planning, has been referred to counseling. Although he has agreed in order to leave the facility, he is angry about this decision and has stated that he doesn’t need counseling.

This scenario represents Ralph’s entry interview.

Background Information

Once you have chosen a scenario that interests you describe any additional background information needed for the counseling session. Write a brief summary of this information (1-2 paragraphs) to include with your interview script. Remember, this is a fictional situation so be creative and use your imagination.

Consider the following questions as you write your summary.

What organization do you work for (in this scenario)?

What is your role in the organization?

What are your qualifications and credentials?

What is the setting for your counseling session?

What is the issue you are meeting to discuss (e.g., relationships, co-dependency, addiction)?

Interview Script

Write a script of a sample role-play scenario. The counselor’s role and reaction are the most important part of your script. Remember to introduce yourself to the client and outline your agency policies regarding confidentiality.

Refer to the Counsellor Evaluation Criteria on the last page of this document as a guide for the skills that are being assessed. Though you are not presenting your script through a video, you must ensure that all of the proper interviewing techniques are being represented in your script.

Your script should be approximately 5,000 words. Though it does not need to be double spaced throughout, please try to make the script visually easy to follow.

Interview Analysis

Once you have written your script, take a few moments to reflect on your fictional conversation and the process you followed to come up with your script.

Write a 3-5 page reflection, considering the following questions.

What process did you use to come up with the questions for the session?

What problems could you see arising in a real-life scenario using this same case study?

What would be your strengths or weaknesses in a real scenario?

Your reflection should be 3-5 pages, double spaced.  If required, please use APA Format.

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