Computer Assembly and Disassembly Lab

Computer Assembly and Disassembly Lab

Essentials of IT and Infrastructure Lab Report Computer Assembly and Disassembly

Objectives of this Computer Assembly and Disassembly

The computer’s system unit/system case is a component that houses the central processing unit (CPU), the motherboard, and the random access memory (RAM). It facilitates the performance of the core processes in a computer.

Therefore, the purpose of the system unit is to hold all the core components to protect these electronic parts from hostile elements. The computer case is usually expected to allow upgrades with an additional hard drive and a high-quality graphic processing card. It also allows easy access to the memory, microprocessors, memory, and system boards if they need to be replaced.

Hardware components: What is Internal Hard Drive?

The internal hard drive is a component within the computer system unit that facilitates data storage and is often used in servers, workstations, and desktop personal computers. It provides a significantly large storage capacity of data types like games, music, movies, documents, and images. It, therefore, adds more functionality to the computer or digital camera.

computer assembly and disassembly

One of the most common types of internal hard drives is the hard disc drive (HDD), an electro-mechanical data storage device that facilitates the storage and retrieval of digital data using magnetic storage and rigid rapid rotating platters. The other component is the solid-state drive (SSD) that uses integrated circuits (IC) persistent assembly of storage data and flash memory.

Is an SSD faster than an HDD Computer Assembly and Disassembly Lab

Yes, an SSD is faster than an HDD. The HDD is perceived as a legacy storage technology that involves spinning disks in the reading and writing of data. On the other hand, an SSD tend to be power efficient and fast relative to HD, which makes them more expensive. SSDs do not have components that move physically due to their use of electrical circuitry, which is why they outpace HDDs.

Optical Drive

An optical drive is a disc drive, where the data is read and written using electromagnetic waves or laser light near a visible light spectrum. It is important to note that some of the drives especially allow reading and writing with the use of burners. A compact disc drive is an optical disc that can be accessed through the computer’s compact disc. It is a thin circular piece of equipment used to store and retrieve data such as music and graphics. A DVD drive or a digital versatile disc (DVD) allows the storage of data the same as a CD but allows more data storage.

Computer manufacturers stop installing optical drives in their computers

Although optical drives add more storage to a computer, computer manufacturers no longer install them. This can be attributed to the fact that uses prefer smaller and lighter computers while optical drives occupy at least five inches in a computer. A well-optimized computer cannot include an optical drive, mainly because CDs and DVDs have a maximum storage of 700 megabytes and 4.7 gigabytes, respectively.

Power Supply

The power supply unit converts the alternative current (AC) power to low voltage regulated to direct current for the internal computer components. A common power supply in the present day is the switched-mode power supply that takes advantage of linear regulated design and brute force. This makes it cheap, efficient and small with a stable output voltage. Linear regulated whereby power supply operates in an active and circular mode.

Why does a power supply need a fan?

Power supplied tend to generate heat that has the potential to damage the various components within the circuits. Therefore, they need a fan to facilitate the circulation of air, whereby the warm air is removed and replaced with cold air, keeping the power supply and other computer components cool.

What is an Adapter Card

An adapter card is an internal expansion card that allows communication between the computers another periphery, a good example being a video card or a multimedia card. It is therefore installed on a computer to increase its capability.

computer assembly and disassembly

Which type of adapter card

A network interface card (NIC) is a hardware component installed to facilitate communication with other devices on a network.

What is Memory Module

A memory module, also known as random access memory (RAM), is a stick that is mounted on the memory integrated circuits. They, therefore, facilitate easy installation and replacement of electronic systems such as servers and workstations.

Identify a memory module

A memory module is identifiable as it is labelled with a sticker that has information on its manufacturer, rating, speed, and type.

What is Motherboard?

A motherboard is the main printed circuit board that allows communication between various electronic components of a computer. It combines components such as form factors, memory slots, chipsets, processor sockets, expansion slots, power connectors, firmware, and front and back panel connectors.

Main function of a motherboard

Therefore, the motherboard facilitates the holding of the various computer components together and allows them to communicate. Communication between the graphics processing unit, central processing unit, and the hard drive is facilitated through it.

System specifications of your laptop

For Laptops operating on Windows, enter BIOS or Right-click the “My Computer” icon. This will allow you to view basic information about your computer.

For Laptops operating on Mac, click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your Mac. This will bring up a drop-down menu. Pick the top option: About This Mac. The resulting window should show you the information you need including processor speed, memory, and graphics card information, etc.

Who manufactured your laptop?

My laptop operates Mac and is manufactured by Apple Inc. It is a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) and the model identifier is MacBookPro14,3, with the code name, macOS Big Sur, Version 11.0.1.

What is the system type?

The system type of my computer is Quad-Core Intel Core i7, as indicated under the label processor name.

What is the size of the installed memory RAM?

The size of the random access memory of my computer is 16 gigabytes. It is user-upgradable; however, it requires one to tear down the computer extensively to access it.

The system specifications of your laptop

My laptop has the latest system specification, the macOS Big Sur, released on 12th November 2020. A newer system will be available to the announcement of the macOS 12 Monterey, which is expected to be compatible with my computer’s hardware, which was manufactured in 2017. The macOS Big Sur has several advantages over its predecessors, such as the presence of an iOS-like Control Center and the improvement of the Notification information centre, making it more informative. Additionally, the security audits are were made on the App Store and Safari.

computer assembly and disassembly

Reflection Computer Assembly & Disassembly Lab

In an attempt to understand the type and nature of the various components of a computer, I used my laptop. I, however, noted that the assembly and disassembly process was very complex. However, the essential resource in this process was the support page of the website.

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