Communism to Modern Social Movements

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic communism to modern social movements. Through militant armed conflict.3 Radical revolutionary frameworks began with deep-seated inequalities and the demand of the marginalized sectors to fight for a better life, but they worked only when revolutionary ideals and principles were aligned with changing socio-economic, cultural, and political aspirations and needs of the masses, but their relevance is now under question because they cannot respond to the new nature and goals of multicultural societies.Revolutionary theories- Maoism, Communism, and Socialism for instance- existed because of widespread inequalities that these theories considered as inherent in capitalist societies. Bernard D’Mello discussed Maoism under the framework of Marxism, wherein Marxism asserted that capitalism created a social surplus that a only a few owned so there was a great disparity between the rice and the poor.4 Capitalism did expand the economic opportunities to those who participated in it, but with great sacrifice to the quality of life for many people who lacked access to raw materials, land, and other opportunities that were open mostly to the elite (i.e. King Leopold II’s exploitation of Congo5). Vijay Prashad agreed that capitalism produced poverty and oppression, culminating in the creation of Third World countries that served the interests of First World nations.6 He noted the brutalization that colonizers did to their colonies, such as in Vietnam, Madagascar, West Africa, the West Indies,7 Bandung,8 and Cairo.9 In these countries, the U.S. or other developed nations have been involved in exploiting the poor and their natural resources and conniving with the elite and the government to promote their economic and political interests.10 These scholars explored the repressive imperialist (post-colonial) conditions that shaped widespread poverty and oppression of lower social classes.Other scholars confirmed the social analysis of radical thinkers. Cristóbal Kay wrote about André Gunder Frank.

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