Clinical Reasoning

• Referencing requirements: A minimum of ten (10) academic sources should be used. You will need at least seven (7) valid, contemporary peer reviewed journal articles no older than seven (7) years as supporting evidence. In addition, you could use:  1. Textbooks (Maximum four [4] textbooks, and no older than five [5] years old)  2. Guidelines for health professionals that are peer reviewed  3. Authoritative websites and government websites such as NHMRC, AIHW  4. Organisation resources intended for health professionals  References within 5 to 7 years are acceptable for this assignment. Any responses (answers) that are not referenced to academic sources will receive a mark of zero (0). Submission Information 1. Use the Clinical Reasoning Case Study for this assessment  2. Use the template to write your responses (answers) for each question on the Clinical Reasoning Case Study 3. Do not need to rewrite the questions from the workbook 4. Include a reference list at the end of the template (after Question 11) ? Each question has been allocated with individual marks- please refer to questions in the case study as well as in the marking rubric ? 10 marks have been allocated for academic writing and referencing (see marking guide) Task Information • Task detail:  1. Your responses will be assessed according to the clinical content, evidence of critical thinking, adequate standard of academic writing and referencing formatting and quality of sources used.  2. Marks for academic writing and referencing will be awarded as per marking criteria (attached). Each question on the case study has been allocated with individual marks- please refer to questions in case study • Writing style:  This assessment task must 1. Use the NUR2204 Clinical Reasoning Assignment Case Study  2. Use the template provided on Study Desk under Assessment three tab to answer the questions. Do not include the assessment questions as p[art of your response.  3. You are expected to present your assignment in a scholarly fashion and academic writing conventions. Answer each question in a paragraph format, writing in complete sentences with NO dot points unless otherwise specified  4. Use Times New Roman size 12 font and 1.5 line spacing  5. Use USQ APA referencing for citing academic literature (see  6. Use a separate page for references. The reference list is not included in the word count  7. In-text citations- You must include in-text citations in the body of your work. Each new point or piece of evidence must be attributed (via in-text citation) to the source. In-text references are included in the word count.

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