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Sample: Neurobiology of Aggression

Title: Screening for Drugs to Reduce Zebrafish Aggression Identifies Caffeine and Sildenafil

Aggression is a psychiatric condition that can lead to severe side effects if solved by the use of drugs. The treatment methods for violence are also nonspecific. This research paper tested if violence could be reduced by selective drugs like caffeine, without locomotion. Animals use aggression to defect their resources, set up the social hierarchy, and protect their offspring from danger.

Excessive use of violence leads to severe consequences like may lead to the death of the animal in particular and around it. Aggression in human beings can take the form of nonspecific symptoms like bipolar disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (Norton, 2019).

The researcher maintained zebrafish strains, which were maintained, maintained in The Universities of Exeter, Portsmouth, and Leicester, using the standard protocol. They then used drug screening on the adult and juvenile Zebrafish in the specified arenas overnight. The locomotion and aggression were measured in twelve juvenile Zebrafish.

The study then performed AB wild-type zebrafish by the use of a digital camera and the Flycapture software. The researcher then assessed the metabolite and amine contents of homogenates, optic tectum, and diencephalon. They found out that caffeine can selectively help reduce aggression, reduce attention, and increase impulsivity in the Zebrafish (Norton, 2019).

In my opinion (Norton, 2019), it was able to capture the effects of caffeine on aggression in an animal-based model. This information is vital in advancing the research on the use o drugs in reducing violence in human beings and other animals. However, this research is still far from human trials.

Biology Essay Writing Service

The solving of common psychiatric disorders like bipolar disorder attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by using drugs is also a critical step in improving the quality of life and the general state of humankind’s wellbeing. Further research will also help find out the cause of violence among drug uses and the drugs that do not have such an effect on the human body.


Norton, W. H. (2019). Screening for drugs to reduce aggression in Zebrafish. Neuropharmacology156, 107394.