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Is Banksy’s Stone Age Waiter a work of art or an example of vandalism?

Banksy’s Stone Age Waiter like any other form of graffiti is art but the law recognizes it as vandalism. It would be recognized as a work of art based on the fact that it is a form of self-expression. It also conveys powerful messages that impact the members of society daily. Even though the members of the society enjoy looking at it, the local authorities in towns and cities disapprove of it. Additionally, the canvas selected by the artists namely walls, billboards, and buildings is in the public domain and the artists have no legal authorization to place their artwork, making graffiti both art and vandalism.

Banksys Stone Age Waiter

If it is an artwork, does that mean that graffiti, in general, is also a type of art?

Graffiti is a type of spray paint artwork due to the message conveyed. There are different types of street artwork namely tags, bombs, letters, and characters.

How might you separate art from vandalism?

Street art can be separated from vandalism based on whether the artist is authorized by the relevant authorities like the owner of the “canvas” for example the building owner and the local authorities.

Banksy’s Stone Age Waiter

If this work is vandalism, does the fact that it was created with permission influence your judgment?

Having authorization makes graffiti street art something that conveys a message to the members of the public. This may make it less upsetting to the law-abiding members of the public. Therefore any graffiti ought to be accompanied by a sign indicating that it is authorized.


Banksy’s Stone Age Waiter