Aviation Leadership

Assignment 2 Question •Your assignment must be completed as a 3,500 word Written Report. • Select a leader who has made a significant contribution to the aviation or aerospace industries and analyse that leader’s performance in accordance with the theories in the lectures over the course up to week 10. Students not only must analyse that leader’s performance but also contrast it either with one other comparable leader or a variety of leaders in an organisation or organisations of similar complexity to draw conclusions and key lessons to be learned for application now or in the future. • You can select a primary leader from any part of the history of aviation but you must be wise in selecting a leader for which there is plenty of quality research material in the public domain. • You should describe the primary leader’s background and the leadership performance with emphasis on a particular period where the leader gained greatest prominence. • You should select primary and secondary leaders in which you have a great interest to help make this assignment not only productive but also enjoyable. You must not select Sir Frank Whittle as we shall use him as a case study in tutorials. • Evaluate the performance in terms of criteria from the theory learned in the course, and how the leadership and management was demonstrated in terms of strengths, weaknesses, results and key lessons to be learned within a recommendations section after the conclusion. • Note that an Executive Summary of at least one page is required for this assignment and is not included in the final word count.

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