An Argumentative Research Essay

ASSIGNMENT: Review the in-text comments and summary feedback you received on your Touchstone 3.2 draft to enhance your writing. You will then submit a revision of your Touchstone 3.2 draft that reflects the evaluator’s feedback. Make sure to include a copy of your Touchstone 3.2 draft below the reflection questions for this unit. As this assignment builds on Touchstone 3.2: Draft an Argumentative Research Essay, that Touchstone must be graded before you can submit your final research essay. A. Final Draft Guidelines DIRECTIONS: Refer to the list below throughout the writing process. Do not submit your Touchstone until it meets these guidelines. 1. Editing and Revising ? Have you significantly revised the essay by adjusting areas like organization, focus, and clarity? ? Have you made comprehensive edits to word choice, sentence variety, and style? ? Have your edits and revisions addressed the feedback provided by your evaluator? 2. Cohesion and Source Integration ? Is the information presented in a logical order that is easy for the reader to follow? ? Have you included smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs? ? Have you introduced your sources clearly and in a way that demonstrates their validity to the reader? 3. Conventions and Proofreading ? Have you double-checked for correct formatting, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization? ? Have you ensured that any quoted material is represented accurately? 4. Reflection ? Have you displayed a clear understanding of the revision process? ? Have you answered all reflection questions thoughtfully and included insights, observations, and/or examples in all responses? ? Are your answers included on a separate page below the composition?

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