Activist Organization

FIRST SOURCE MUST BE ORGANIZATION WEBSITE Food First is an international human rights organization that advocates for the right to food.  It has consultative status with the United Nations and works to assist national and international struggles to realize the human right to adequate food through concrete action. Write a paper explaining and evaluating the organization.   Suggested issues to address in your paper: •What is the history of the organization? When was it established? What provided the incentive for creating it? What have been the key events in its growth? •What are its organizational goals? •Why is the organization important for achieving human rights goals? •How does it relate to other human rights organizations? •How is it organized and governed? Does it have a charter or constitution? Summarize its terms. •Who are the leaders of the group and how are they selected? Does it have a governing board? Who serves? Does it have an executive officer? Who is it? •What methods does the organization employ to achieve its goals? How does it raise funds? How does it spread its message to the public? •How does it approach the media? What kind of coverage does it get from the media? •Have its leaders been covered in the media? •What are the major criticisms of the organization? Who or what groups oppose its work?  Why? •What have been its most important successes and failures? •What were the major issues addressed? •What are others saying about it?  All questions will not apply to all organizations, so use your own judgment.    Your paper should be from five to eight pages in length (excluding heading and Works Cited) double-spaced. Use one-inch margins and size 12 font. Document all specific information using the 8TH EDITION MLA format and include a Works Cited page at the end of your paper.  Remember, the paper should be written in your own words, not simply lifted from the web site.

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