Research question: Is the claim made in the ETs-on-Earth passage reasonable and possibly true? Length: A minimum of 1200 words (about 4 1/2  pages), double-spaced, using a size 12 font, in MLA format. You can write more than this, but your essay must be at least 1200 words. Your Works Cited page does not count toward the word total. Sources: You need at least one credible secondary source. Your primary source is How to Think About Weird Things.  You may find your secondary source on the Internet, in the ECC library, in the library databases (available on MyECC), or any other kind of credible source. One source has to be from my book if you need it just tell me and I”ll send you the images. The second source has to be from other book or even the internet with the source attached on the essay.  Quotations and paraphrases: Each time you introduce a specific concept from Weird, you need to quote or paraphrase what Weird says about that concept.  When you provide support using a secondary source, you need to quote or paraphrase information from that source. When you quote or paraphrase from these works, you need to provide the author(s)/page number in parentheses after the quote/paraphrase. Thesis statement: In this essay, your thesis statement should be your answer to the research question. Explanation: SEARCH (I am going to attached the meaning for SEARCH) the following passage, from page 92 of Weird:  The evidence that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth and currently operating in our skies on a regular uninterrupted basis is extensive beyond a shadow of a doubt both in scope and detail. In its totality it comprises a body of evidence so profound that it has numbed the human experience of all government and religious leaders around the world into an absolute de facto policy of denial. This would also include most if not all members of the mainstream scientific community who fear the social stigma associated with the subject. (From a UFO/alien visitation Web site.) Helpful hints: Include concepts discussed in Chapters 1 through 4 in our textbook. **Please include these For instance: Do you spot any logical fallacies in the claim? Can you diagram the logical argument used in the claim? What guiding principles are you able to use when looking at the claim? What kind of evidence is present in the claim? How do beliefs affect the claim?

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